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    Good Luck John

    By Michael Malin

    Back in college, there was a local man who would stand in the main thoroughfare of the academic quad and wish everyone who walked by "Good Luck." Depending on how well you knew him and how much luck you sought, he went by either "Good Luck John" - for those who knew him well; "John the Bagman" - for those just familiar with him; or "The Guy Who Says Good Luck All The Time" for those who were confused by him. He was an endearing old man who became a fixture on campus. It was a ritual for students to walk by him before every final exam to receive that one extra last bit of luck before determining whether you would matriculate or you would spend your summer taking classes in Lewisburg, PA. For whomever is appointed as America's new Cyber Security Czar, their first order of business should be to hire their own "Good Luck John" to be by their side at all times, because they're going to need it. Among the top five things that the Cyber Security Czar may seek additional divine intervention on as they pursue the magnanimous task of protecting our nation's infrastructure:


    APT Forensics M-unition Pack

    By Kelcey Tietjen

    I recently spoke at the DoD cybercrime conference on Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) forensics. During the presentation I talked about several ways you can use forensics to answer difficult questions that arise once an APT incident is identified. Some of these questions are: