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The FireEye Labs team posts blog entries under threat research to present and discuss cyber attacks and threat intelligence from a technical perspective. They cover the full spectrum of exploits and vulnerabilities, including advanced malware and targeted threats.

    Targeted Attacks against Banks in the Middle East

    By Sudeep Singh, Yin Hong Chang | Targeted Attack

    A recent targeted attack featured attackers using different technologies to perform reconnaissance activities on a particular target. Users should disable Office macros in their settings and be extra  vigilant when enabling macros (especially when prompted) in documents.


    How RTF malware evades static signature-based detection

    By Junfeng Yang | Advanced Malware

    Our adversaries are familiar with the RTF format and the inner workings of Microsoft Word, and can devise obfuscation tricks to evade traditional signature-based detection. Understanding hackers perform obfuscation can in turn help us improve our detection of this type of malware.


    Razor Blades in the Candy Jar

    By J. Gomez
    FireEye Labs has been tracking exploit kit activity and recently identified several websites redirecting to the Sweet Orange Exploit Kit. Unsurprisingly, some of the sites used to redirect users are legitimate.The Sweet Orange exploit kit is continuing to proliferate through malvertising and inserting malicious .js into legitimate website properties, many of which are in the Alexa top 1 million, increasing the likelihood of the average user stumbling upon them through browsing or Read more...
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