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    The changing battlefield in Memory

    By Peter Silberman

    Steve Davis and I gave a talk at Blackhat and at Defcon called Metasploit Autopsy: Reconstructing the scene of the crime. Giving the talk was a blast; both Steve and I were thrilled to be given an opportunity to give a defensive security talk on the Metasploit track. During our talk and in several interviews, we stated that some aspects of computer security are a cat and mouse game. When you make a technique, tool, or other knowledge public people have a chance to analyze what you have done. This analysis can lead to better code, improvements to ideas, or in some cases the breaking of said tools. In the case of Metasploit Forensic Framework (MSFF), the newest release of Metasploit flat out broke MSFF. First, let me give you some background. When we first started writing the tool, we quickly realized that breaking MSFF would take a single line change to Meterpreter. The fix is simple. In our talk, we discussed that when meterpreter called free the received/sent packets were not scrubbed and lay around memory for hours. MSFF capitalized on this using Memoryze to acquire the processes address space which included the process's freed memory. HD and crew were nice enough to wait to patch Meterpreter until after our talk. Meterpreter was patched Saturday with memset's, which zero out the packet data before the memory is freed.