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The FireEye Labs team posts blog entries under threat research to present and discuss cyber attacks and threat intelligence from a technical perspective. They cover the full spectrum of exploits and vulnerabilities, including advanced malware and targeted threats.

    CVE-2015-0336 Nuclear EK

    By Dan Caselden, James T. Bennett, Corbin Souffrant | Threat Intelligence

    The Nuclear Exploit Kit (EK) has incorporated an exploit for the recently patched Adobe Flash CVE-2015-0336.


    Behind the Syrian Conflict’s Digital Frontlines

    By Fireeye Inc. | Threat Intelligence

    Cyber espionage is traditionally understood as a method aimed at achieving an information edge or a strategic goal. However, our research on malware activity related to the ongoing conflict in Syria indicates that such operations can provide actionable military intelligence for an immediate battlefield advantage. Today we release a new report “Behind the Syrian Conflict’s Digital Frontlines,” that documents a well-executed hacking operation that successfully breached the Syrian opposition.


    FIN4: Stealing Insider Information for an Advantage in Stock Trading?

    By Kristen Dennesen, Barry Vengerik, An error has occurred | FireEye

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