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Honeynet Project: Challenge 3 of the Forensic Challenge 2010

The Honeynet Project has posted a forensic challenge centered around analyzing a memory image. The image represents the physical memory acquired from a host at a fictitious bank, which was the victim of an intruder. The Honeynet Project has come up with a series of questions that you must answer in order to solve the case. While the challenge organizers will be doing all the judging, we would like to promote the cause by giving additional prizes to those who place in the top three and solve the challenge using Memoryze and Audit Viewer.

The prizes MANDIANT will be offering to those that place in the top three are:

  1. First Place: $100 gift card to Best Buy
  2. Second Place: Backpack
  3. Third Place: MANDIANT swag

In the event of a tie, we will divide the prize(s) equally.

The submission deadline is April 18th so act fast.

Banking Troubles

Please do not send your submissions to MANDIANT. If you are a winner of the challenge, contact info at MANDIANT after the winners are announced. Peter Silberman and other MANDIANT employees may submit a solution; however, employees are not eligible for prizes. If a MANDIANT employee places in the top three of submissions, all prizes will be allocated to the remaining, non-employees to place in the top three.