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    More on the IE 0-day - Hupigon Joins The Party

    By Atif Mushtaq
    It was just a few days ago when Symantec disclosed a new 0-day vulnerability in Microsoft's Internet Explorer (versions 6, 7, and 8). They found at least one malware called 'Backdoor.Pirpi' that is actively exploiting this vulnerability in targeted email attacks posing as hotel reservation notifications. Here at FireEye labs, we have identified another type of Modern Malware called 'Hupigon' exploiting the same IE zero-day vulnerability. This malware looks to be more successful/reliable Read more...

    VinSelf - A new backdoor in town!

    By Atif Mushtaq
    I recently came across a new piece of Modern Malware found to be involved in a highly targeted attack. My initial exploration into the malware revealed it to be a powerful backdoor with the capability to provide an attacker complete control over the infected system.What's happening at the moment? A few weeks ago, we saw a powerful backdoor Pirpi exploiting the IE 0-day as part of some targeted attacks. Now comes Vinself. Read more...