A Unified Force Against Hackers

Collusion, collaboration, and cooperation are all proven strategies for success in the business world and cyber criminals have quickly figured out that the three C's are their route to success as well.

While most security product and service vendors push their customers to silo their defenses, they could learn a little something from black hat strategy. Without any formal associations and no common goals, the modern day Robin Hoods and Bonnie and Clydes have started to work together, training each other, sharing knowledge, and creating an oddball open source community.

Sara Gates, founder and CEO of Wisegate, an online community for IT executives, has been speaking in recent weeks on the need for the good guys - IT executives, vendors, and developers - to band together and give all of us a fighting chance to keep our data safe and our privacy intact. One way to collaborate as an industry is information sharing. Our own Doug Wilson wrote about information sharing being a top priority at this year's DoD Cyber Crime conference in last week's blog post. You can read it here.

Many CISOs and senior security practitioners agree. Information sharing will be critical to prevailing against attackers and ensuring a defense strategy is in place among an ever-changing threat landscape. In fact, the new cybersecurity legislation that is working its way through the House will help move us in the direction of a stronger public-private partnership.

We are tapping into our experts here on M-Unition to discuss these issues in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, what do you think? Is it time for the good guys to all get along?