What Does Bob Dylan Have in Common with Cybercriminals? How Times are A-Changin' for Cybercriminals and their Targets

The times they are a-changin'. Not only is that a great song by music legend Bob Dylan, it is also what we have found to be the case about cybercriminals targeting the financial industry. If you have read our latest M-Trends industry report you have seen the case study that explains this trend. If not, I highly recommend reading the report as it discusses the top trends we've seen during the last year in the field.

Recently, Dark Reading's Kelly Jackson Higgins wrote an article on traditional cybercriminals and how they target their victims. In the article she states, "[f]inancially driven cybercriminals are also using advanced persistent threat (APT) methods for longer staying power in order to increase their spoils."

No longer is the smash-and-grab approach the chosen method for these threat actors; they want to establish a foothold in your network and steal valuable data over a long period of time. On a previous webinar, State of the Hack: What Size Is Your Compromise?, Mandiant's Jason Rebholz and Lucas Zaichkowsky showcased how cybercriminals were infiltrating network defenses and moving laterally within the network.

As cybercriminals change and evolve their methods, it is important to evaluate your defensive posture and become better prepared to detect and respond to a large-scale breach.