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Malware and Incident Response Training at Black Hat USA 2012

Black Hat USA 2012 is right around the corner...okay, it is three months away; however, it is never too early to register for Mandiant's highly customized training courses held at this popular technical security conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, July 21-26, 2012.

Mandiant's top security consultants and malware analysts are back and ready to offer you real hands-on training that will give you the tools and techniques you need to be successful out on the field. So don't miss out. Sign up for one of the following training sessions today!

Incident Response Black Hat Edition

Dates: July 21-22 & July 23-24, 2012

Instructors: Chris Nutt and Ryan Kazanciyan

This two-day Special Edition class has been specifically designed for information security professionals and analysts who respond to computer security incidents. It is designed as an operational course, using case studies and hands-on lab exercises to ensure attendees are gaining experience in each topic area.

Malware Analysis: Black Hat Edition

Dates: July 21-22 & July 23-24, 2012

Instructors: Steve Davis and Michael Sikorski

This course provides a rapid introduction to the tools and methodologies used to perform malware analysis on executables found on Windows systems. Students will learn to infer the functionality of a program by analyzing disassembly and by watching how it changes a system as it runs in a debugger.

Advanced Malware Analysis

Dates: July 21-24, 2012

Instructors: Nick Harbour and Jay Smith

Students will learn to combat sophisticated malware head-on by studying its anti-analysis techniques. This course focuses on advanced topic areas related to combating malware defense mechanisms, and as such, a practiced and robust malware analysis skill set is required.