Threat Research

Putting a Face with a Name: Understanding Your Attacker

At Mandiant, we get pretty excited around this time of year. July means that Black Hat is just around the corner. For the last 15 years, a virtual who's who of the information security industry makes the pilgrimage to Las Vegas.

Listen closely and you'll hear long-time attendees talk about how the conference has changed. It's no longer just for technical folks. Key decision makers from corporate and government sectors are there in force too. As Black Hat has evolved, so has information security. Over the past few years we've seen a rapid change in mindset as the industry has come to accept the reality that targeted attackers, such as the Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) and organized crime groups can circumvent their defenses.

During the month of July M-Unition will be taking a closer look at these attackers. Who are they? What are their habits? Their tools?Their tactics? What is the difference between each type of group (and why is that distinction important when it comes to defending against them?).

Stay tuned for upcoming posts from your favorite M-Unition contributors this month including:

  • Attacker Profile Series by Richard Bejtlich
  • "Skynet is Not The Enemy" by John Bradshaw
  • The launch of a new open source tool by Ryan Kazanciyan
  • Complete coverage of Mandiant @ Black Hat, including:
    • A podcast Interview with Michael Sikorski & Andy Honig, authors of the book Practical Malware Analysis
    • Highlights from the "M After Dark" reception at the Shadow Bar in Ceasar's Palace
    • Session coverage and interviews with security celebrities big and small

If you're going to Black Hat, make sure to stop by our booth and say "hi". I'd love to meet you and hear what you would like to see on M-Unition this coming year. Feel free to direct message me on Twitter @Mandiant.