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MIRcon 2012: Overall Themes for the Management Track

Mandiant will host its third annual MIRcon on October 17th and 18th in Washington, DC. I attended the previous two MIRcon conferences, first as Director of Incident Response for my previous employer, and last year as Mandiant's Chief Security Officer. Last year we decided to host both a technical and management track during the two day event. I thoroughly enjoyed working with speakers for the management track portion of the conference and am excited to be working on the track this year! In this post I'd like to introduce a few of the themes for the management track.

The first theme is digital security and the law. Last year we invited two excellent lawyers from a firm that assists companies with various aspects of security and the law. They're back this year to share what they're hearing from their corporate clients. We will also have a panel examining cybersecurity legislation that failed to pass this summer, as well as legislative attention to our friends in the Asia-Pacific and other regions.

The second theme is incident response from a manager's perspective. I invited several internal and external speakers to discuss what they are seeing when detecting and responding to intrusions. The forensic details will appear in the technical track, so these sessions are more geared towards guiding leaders toward better intrusion management.

The third theme is "thinking big." I am really excited to have a guest speaking about the role of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) with publicly traded companies. Since last October, the SEC has decided to get intimately involved with private companies and their digital security profiles. Our guest will describe what he's seeing through public research. We will also have two strategists talk about "cyber instability," or how the great powers could be moved in this new era of hacking and counter-hacking.

You can view the full agenda here. For more information on MIRcon, please visit

I hope to see you there!