New M-Unition Design Showcases Content & Contributors

Anytime you begin a project, like a blog, you know you're going to evolve over time in response to many factors, but particularly feedback you receive from your audience. This is certainly true for the M-Unition blog, which has seen a lot of change this year.

As our audience has grown and diversified, we've segmented our content so that you can quickly find topics that interest you. Our channel approach is broken-up into content focused from the business side of cybersecurity for the C-suite executive to the latest free tools, research and technology updates needed to do your job effectively.

Over the year we have expanded our editorial team, reached-out to our readers to scout for contributors and expert commentary...and now...drum roll please... a new look for M-Unition is unveiled!

While we know the high quality content is what keeps bringing you back, it can't hurt to have a cool new style to go with it. Our theme is designed to embrace the superhero in each of you as you go out into the word to fight everyday evil, to protect the good guys.

Thanks for reading and staying loyal to the M-Unition blog!