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A Look Back at 2012: The Armory

 As we are mere hours away from celebrating 2013, we'd like to focus today on M-Unition's Armory channel. The Armory is the place to be if you want to be the first to find out about the latest releases, free tools and of course, our ever popular M-Trends report. The most popular posts in this category are listed below for your reading pleasure.

New Product Offering: Mandiant Cloud Alert

This past year we made several product announcements, but this one was especially rewarding. When you deal with cybersecurity risks on a daily basis you need tools to help you see activity in real time. At MIRcon ™ 2012, we announced our newest product offering: Mandiant Cloud Alert™. Mandiant Cloud Alert is a powerful tool, enabling organizations to identify malicious communication, audit existing security measures, monitor how the organization is trending over time, and track incidents in their network.

Unibody Memory Analysis - Introducing Memoryze™ for the Mac 1.0

Memoryze™ for the Mac 1.0, which brings memory imaging and analysis to the Mac, joins a growing list of freeware tools Mandiant provided this past year.

Memoryze for the Mac 1.0 brings many of the features of Memoryze™ to the Apple Macintosh platform. This new tool enables acquisition of memory images via the command-line or a simple GUI. In addition, Memoryze for the Mac 1.0 can perform offline analysis against memory images or live analysis on a running system.

Leveraging the Application Compatibility Cache in Forensic Investigations

Freeware tool, Shim Cache Parser™, was developed in the course of our incident response investigations, according to Mandiant's Andrew Davis.

During keyword searches of compromised systems, the Mandiant team discovered known malicious file names in the Windows Registry. Further research showed the cache data was generated by the Windows Application Compatibility Database. Along with these file names, other types of file metadata can be recovered such as file size, file last modified times, and last execution time, depending on the operating system version. This data can be very useful during an incident response. It helps identify which systems an attacker may have executed malware on and can also provide information about the time that it may have occurred.

Shim Cache Parser is the proof-of-concept tool we developed to extract this useful forensic evidence. You can download it here.

Mandiant Introduces Reverse-Proxy Open Source Tool

Mandiant's Sean Cunningham and Mark Thomas discuss the availability of a highly efficient reverse HTTP(S) proxy called simply 'RProxy™'. Mandiant released RProxy as an open sources tool to encourage the general community to participate in its evolution. You can download the tool here.

M-Trends: The One Threat Report You Need to Read

Each year Mandiant takes a look back at engagements we've responded to and puts together trends that help you fight back against targeted threats. On March 6th, we released our latest M-Trends report, An Evolving Threat, which revealed key insights, statistics and case studies illustrating how the tools and tactics of targeted attackers, including the Advanced Persistent Threat (APT), have evolved over the last year. We're currently working on the 2013 edition of M-Trends and plan to release it at RSA 2013.