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A Look Back at 2012: The Whiteboard

This year, we've been thrilled and gratified to have so many enthusiastic guest bloggers on M-Unition. As a result, we've added an entire section to the site focused on these exceptional executives and industry leaders who make such an impact in our industry. To thank them, we are highlighting the most popular posts in this category for your reading pleasure.

Three Keys to Landing Your Dream DFIR Job

We were lucky enough to secure David Bianco, incident handler for General Electric, for two guest spots on M-Unition where he provided his insights on the industry and specifically on professional development within forensics and incident response. In this post, Bianco highlights three key recommendations for building a career in the DFIR field.

To read Bianco's second post on careers in cybersecurity, click here.

Howard Schmidt Resignation Points to a Larger Issue in the Security Community

Daniel Nowak, principle security architect at Iron Bow Technologies and regular blogger for TechSource, made a guest appearance on M-Unition after Howard Schmidt announced his resignation as the national cybersecurity advisor to the White House. Nowak discusses the importance of cybersecurity leadership at a national level in this post.

Black Hat 2012 Podcast: Women in the Incident Response Profession

By far, one of our most popular podcasts featured Mandiant's own Carrie Jung and Mary Singh. They spoke with Kristen Cooper during Black Hat 2012 to discuss their careers in the incident response profession. It is not very common to have women in the information security profession, but both of these women have a passion for their jobs and the industry. They discuss how they got started, their role models and their greatest career achievements thus far.

Interested in more on women in cybersecurity? Check back during National Women's History Month in 2013 where we'll feature several women making their mark in the information security industry.