Welcome to March, everyone! This month, in keeping with Women's History Month, M-Unition will be focusing on Women in Cybersecurity - highlighting the great work that women are doing in cybersecurity, on the front lines of efforts to combat advanced attackers.

Recently, I've had the privilege of talking with some of the top women in cybersecurity about their careers, the state of cybersecurity right now, and what scenarios keep them up at night. I hope you tune in for the whole series, which features rich insight from some names you're likely to recognize:

  • Jill Knesek , Global Practice Head - Advise Assure, BT Global Services
  • Stephanie Scheuermann, Senior Security & Control Engineer, Ford Motor Company
  • Kelly Shaffer, Senior Manager, Ernst & Young LLP
  • Kristen Verderame, CEO, Pondera International
  • Karen Zwolski, Vice President, IT Security, URS Corporation

In addition, we're going to feature an interview with Halvar Flake & Carrie Jung on the Female Reverse Engineer Challenge, as well as a piece on "Zen and the Art of Malware Introspection" by Bob Jung & Antony Saba.