M-Unition Focuses on Cybersecurity and the Public Sector

Welcome to April, everyone! This month, we at M-Unition are going to focus on ways that the public sector can apply private sector best practices and commercially available threat intelligence on advanced threat actors, to improve the efficiency of its cybersecurity programs.

President Obama's recent Executive Order on cybersecurity, which directs federal departments and agencies to use their existing authorities to provide better cybersecurity for the nation, has drawn attention to vulnerabilities in the public sector. It seems like a perfect time to consult our experts - both in-house and outside Mandiant - to get their thoughts on what the private sector has to offer public sector cybersecurity efforts.

We've got some great content planned:

  • A post on "No Malware, No Compromise?" by Richard Bejtlich
  • Contributions from Guest Blogger Michelle Richardson, Legislative Counsel, American Civil Liberties Union
  • A follow-up Q&A on this month's upcoming webinars: State of the Hack: T.I.M. & Tools of Engagement: The Mechanics of Threat Intelligence
  • A post on "Accelerating Response to Move at the Speed of Attackers" by Tim Crothers and Tim Gifford
  • A piece on "Comprehensive Cyber Investigation - How Looking Beyond The Malware Allows Investigators To See The Whole Picture" by Tim Crothers
  • A post on "No Clearance Required: Using Commercial Threat Intelligence in the Federal Space" by the Intel Team

We hope you'll come back to read the whole series.