Threat Research

M-Unition Looks at Security Without Borders

Welcome to May, everyone! Here's hoping that we've seen the last of the cold snaps, and that spring is here to stay for all of us.

This month at M-Unition, we're going to focus on the idea of Security Without Borders, as we explore the ways that organizations impact - and are impacted by - the world around them. Globalization has made it nearly impossible for organizations to succeed based entirely within a single country's borders - which has serious implications for supply chains, service chains and best practices for CISOs.

We have some great discussions planned on this, and we hope you'll come back for all of them:

  • A podcast with security guru and author Bruce Schneier, discussing his plans for a new book on power and the Internet
  • Supply-chain and how it affects security by Chief Security Officer, Richard Bejtlich
  • A look at Computer Incident Response Teams (CIRT) on a global scale by Tim Crothers
  • Whitepaper and blog post on Chinese cyber espionage motivations by Chris Lew

We're looking forward to discussing this new normal, wherein organizations can't succeed in a vacuum, and we hope you'll join the conversation in our comments.

And as always, if there's something you'd like to see us tackle that we haven't mentioned, please let me know.