M-Unition Takes a Look at The Financial Industry This Month

Happy fall, everyone! I hope you're enjoying all the best that autumn offers - beautiful days, cooler nights, seasonal beverages and the promise of sweater weather . . .

This month, we at M-Unition will be focusing on the financial industry and cybersecurity. As recent news reports have shown, targeted attackers pose significant threats to the financial industry, jeopardizing everything from client's finances to financial industry infrastructure and overall confidence in our markets.

To address these threats, the financial industry is investing heavily in new security tactics and techniques - while at the same time urging Congressional action to boost government efforts on cybersecurity.

This month, we'll be hearing from experts who are face-to-face with the financial industry's work on cybersecurity:

  • Guest posts from key influencers in the industry
  • Post from Mandiant's Intelligence Center on cybersecurity trends in the financial Industry
  • LinkedIn fill-in-the-blank series addressing the question, "Financial services companies should do _________ to best protect their networks."