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MIRcon 2013 – Day 1 Highlights

Happy Day 2 of MIRcon®! Yesterday, Mandiant's CEO Kevin Mandia kicked off MIRcon 2013 with a keynote on attacking the security gap, discussing the necessity of information-sharing and his experience witnessing the evolution of cybercrime. From there we moved on to thought-provoking discussions in both our management and technical tracks.

In case you missed it, here are some of the highlights:

  • Dan Scali's discussion of Zero Days at Zero Hour, which addressed vulnerability awareness in Industrial Control Systems, the
    Kevin Mandia Kicks off MIRcon 2013
    Kevin Mandia kicks off MIRcon 2013
    challenges in managing vulnerabilities, and what the security industry must do to manage the threat
  • Eric Hutchins' talk about iPython, a web-based interactive computing platform that combines code, text and analytics while providing the ability to load and interact with data in a seamless way
  • A discussion on Practical Incidence Response Metrics - from template writing to implementation, and how to document, quantify and collect incident response activities
  • One Step Ahead - a talk about rapid live response, as utilized by Mandiant Managed Defense analysts
  • Attack-Driven Defense - a discussion on using real-world attack behaviors - and an offensive mindset - to develop new network defense techniques
  • Hackmaggedon - Paolo Passeri's discussion of what he's seen through several years spent observing patriotic and hacktivist attacks through his project
  • Jenn Kolde's lively discussion on Zen and The Art of Threat Intelligence, which defined threat intelligence and explained its importance to effective and efficient network defense
  • Our Covering Cyber Panel Discussion with several of the nation's most respected cybersecurity reporters on the challenges in reporting security news, their perspective on recent NSA leaks and the intersection of surveillance news with cybersecurity news
    Session at MIRcon 2013
    Session at MIRcon 2013
  • Our closing keynote from former FBI Director Robert Mueller, who discussed how the FBI adapted to adjust to recent cyber threats and how law enforcement must continue to evolve.

Stay tuned to this space as we'll have more conference highlights tomorrow!