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Information Overload Addressed by Next-Gen SOC

Over the past couple of years Big Data has become one of the buzz words for industry and government. Hardly a minute goes by when you don't hear someone talking about it on the conference exhibitor floor. As part of our podcast series, live from the RSA USA Conference 2014, Richard Bejtlich, chief security strategist at FireEye, talks to Ron Bushar, director of Mandiant's SOC/CIRT Services team about managing and analyzing data in today's security operations center (SOC) and what is required to address the exponentially growing amounts of data.

In this podcast, Bushar addresses the evolution of the SOC model and discusses the need for real-time threat intelligence feeds, both open-source and commercially available, within detection capabilities. Taking it a step further, he notes the importance of taking this intelligence and answering the question of "what's next?" to close the security gap that many organizations face.

Listen to the full podcast live from RSA USA 2014 here:

Podcast: Richard Bejtlich Interviews Ron Bushar