Setting Traps and Going Hunting

As part of our podcast series, live from the RSA USA Conference, we are digging into the topic of advanced threats, attacks, and best practices to implement on the network. In this podcast, our host, Richard Bejtlich, sits down with Chris Bream, director within Professional Services at Mandiant to discuss the latest trends in attacks, how they are continuing to evolve their tactics, and the shift that is required in the security industry to address the latest threat landscape.

Bream outlines the creativity of today's attackers who are using less traditional binary malware, increasing the use of encryption to cover up activity, and deploying command and control in legitimate services to hide their traffic. As the attacks are evolving, Bream stresses that the security industry must make a change from passive identification to active searching for compromise.

Traditionally when hunting, you can set a trap and sit back and wait for the prey to fall victim. But an active hunter traces the movement of the prey, follows it from point to point and makes the kill. With the proper tools, intelligence, and personnel in place, a security team can set the traps and go on a hunting trip to find the attackers.

Listen here to the full podcast live from RSA USA 2014 and make sure to check back soon for our next featured interview.

Podcast: Richard Bejtlich Interviews Chris Bream