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    Android Users Beware -- ‘Mandiant’-Branded Malware Identified

    By FireEye Labs

    FireEye Labs recently identified malware for Android devices that masquerades as a Mandiant product. The malware can lock Android devices and displays a lock screen that uses the Mandiant brand.


    Penetration Testing Has Come Of Age – How to Take Your Security Program to the Next Level

    By Vivek Chudgar

    Today it's hard to find an organization that operates without penetration tests. Thanks to heightened awareness on the part of the management and compliance standards such as PCI DSS, penetration tests are on every CISO's to-do list.


    Live from InfoSecurity Europe 2014: Improving Detection and Response to Cyber Threats

    By Helena Brito

    Live from Infosecurity Europe 2014 in London, Paul Dwyer of FireEye sat down with Dave Damato, managing director of Mandiant, and Ryan Kazanciyan, technical director of Mandiant to discuss the latest trends in cyber threat detection and incident response.


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