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A Deeper Dive into M-Trends with Richard Bejtlich

Today's organizations are beginning to recognize the intrinsic value of a well thought-out cybersecurity strategy, and with new attacks happening daily, the stakes are much higher. Threat trends and research play a large role in understanding the adversary and helping these organizations stay ahead the curve.

Recently, FireEye Chief Security Strategist, Richard Bejtlich sat down with Mandiant Consultant Jason Rebholz, and FireEye Manager of Threat Intelligence Laura Galante to discuss Mandiant's latest M-Trends report.

One of the most important findings of the fifth annual M-Trends report is that no industry is immune from cyber attacks. In fact, Galante points out that while the government has long been a target of cyber actors, their focus has now broadened to include media and entertainment, law firms, pharmaceuticals and more.

With no industry safe from attack, the C-suite is paying closer attention to security incidents, adds Rebholz. "In the last year, it's gotten up to the C levels and all the way up to the board levels where in certain instances, we're having weekly meetings with the board of an organization." The stakes are high and attackers are not just looking to compromise brands for awareness and media attention. They want to gain access to organizational intellectual property, R&D, and business operational procedures to replicate.

To learn more about the trends identified in the M-Trends report and these experts' opinions on what organizations can do to monitor and secure assets, listen here for the full podcast.