Live from InfoSecurity Europe 2014: Improving Detection and Response to Cyber Threats

Live from Infosecurity Europe 2014 in London, Paul Dwyer of FireEye sat down with Dave Damato, managing director of Mandiant, and Ryan Kazanciyan, technical director of Mandiant to discuss the latest trends in cyber threat detection and incident response.

Mandiant's Ryan Kazanciyan & David Damato

Regardless of geography, these two experts point out that the same types of threat actors exist on both sides of the pond. And more importantly, the same type of tools, tactics, and procedures are used. Damato says that regardless of geographic region, "we should be building our defenses and our response programs [and it ]really shouldn't vary between all these different organizations, because the methodologies used are pretty consistent. Some are more advanced, some are more basic, but really, there's an attack life cycle out there that can be defined and used to build your defenses with."

But in some cases, languages can be a barrier. Kazanciyan says, "Language alone can be a tricky thing for attribution, because threat actors certainly can and have adopted different languages used in their malware and their tools."

So how can you improve your response to attacks from around the globe? Listen here to the full podcast.