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Announcing the FLARE Team and The FLARE On Challenge

I would like to announce the formation of the FireEye Labs Advanced Reverse Engineering (FLARE) team. As part of FireEye Labs, the focus of this team is to support all of FireEye and Mandiant from a reverse engineering standpoint. Many FireEye groups have reversing engineering needs: Global Services discovers malware during incident response, Managed Defense constantly discovers threats on monitored client networks, and Products benefit from in-depth reversing to help improve detection capabilities.

We primarily focus on malware analysis, but we also perform red-teaming of software and organizations, and we develop tools to assist reverse engineering. Our research and tools assist with automatic malware triage to quickly get initial results out to incident responders in the field. Auto-unpackers unravel obfuscated samples without the need for an analyst. Automatic clustering and classifying samples helps identify if a binary is good or bad and whether we have analyzed it before. We develop reverse engineering scripts for IDA Pro and systems that help us quickly share our analysis results. We also write scripts that can help incident responders decrypt and interpret malware network traffic and host artifacts.

This elite technical enclave of reversers, malware analysts, researchers, and teachers, will team up with our FireEye Labs peers to help bring the best detection to our customers and promote knowledge sharing with the security research community. We’ll continue to provide technical training on malware analysis privately and at conferences like Black Hat. Look for us to present webinars on malware analysis and a blog series of scripts for IDA Pro to aid reverse engineering of malware.

The Challenge

To commemorate our launch, the FLARE team is hosting a challenge for all reverse engineers and malware analysts. We invite you to compete and test your skills. The challenge runs the gamut of skills we believe are necessary to succeed on the FLARE team. We invite everyone who is interested to solve the challenge and get their just reward!

The puzzles were developed by Richard Wartell, a reverse engineer with a PhD in “IDA Pro” (actually Computer Science, but his thesis used IDA Pro) from the University of Texas at Dallas where he worked on binary rewriting techniques for the x86 instruction set. He recently presented this work at the REcon conference in Montreal. At Mandiant Richard focused on incident response, but now on the FLARE team he reverse engineers malware, teaches malware classes, and helps develop our auto-unpacking technology.

As reverse engineers we’ve seen a variety of anti-reverse engineering techniques. Oftentimes the armoring malware authors employ is sophisticated and requires time to unravel. Sometimes it is misguided and easily circumvented.

Writing these binary puzzles has given us a chance to recreate some of the sophisticated (and sometimes ridiculous) techniques we see. The seven puzzles start with basic skills and escalate quickly to more difficult reversing tasks. At FLARE we have to deal with whatever challenges come our way, so the challenge reflects this. If you take on the challenge you might see malicious PDFs, .NET binaries, obfuscated PHP, Javascript, x86, x64, PE, ELF, Mach-O, and so on.

And after completing the final challenge, you’ll win a prize and be contacted by a FLARE team member. The full details can be found at:

So on behalf of the FLARE team, I say Happy Reversing!