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Black Hat USA Talks: Investigating PowerShell Attacks

Threat actors are always eager to adopt new tools, tactics, and procedures that can help them evade detection and conduct their mission. Incident responders from Mandiant have observed increasing use of PowerShell by targeted attackers to conduct command-and-control in compromised Windows networks. As a trusted administration tool built-in to all modern versions of Windows, PowerShell provides the ability to access remote systems, execute commands, transfer files, load malicious code, and interact with underlying components of the operating system – all tasks for which attackers must otherwise rely on malware. This has created a whole new playground of intrusion techniques for intruders that have already established a foothold on systems in a corporate network.

Ryan Kazanciyan and Matt Hastings will talk about the use of PowerShell throughout the attack lifecycle and the sources of evidence it leaves behind in memory, on disk, in logs, and elsewhere. They will demonstrate how to collect and interpret these forensic artifacts, both on individual systems and at scale. Throughout the presentation, they will include examples from real-world incidents.

Attend this presentation on August 7 at 4:05pm PT in South Seas GH. Make sure to use #BHUSA and @FireEye if you plan to tweet highlights from the talk.

To view the whitepaper, click here.