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    Darwin’s Favorite APT Group

    By Ned Moran, Mike Oppenheim | Threat Intelligence, Botnets, Targeted Attack
    Introduction The attackers referred to as APT12 (also known as IXESHE, DynCalc, and DNSCALC) recently started a new campaign targeting organizations in Japan and Taiwan. APT12 is believed to be a cyber espionage group thought to have links to the Chinese People's Liberation Army. APT12's targets are consistent with larger People's Republic of China (PRC) goals. Intrusions and campaigns conducted by this group are in-line with PRC goals and self-interest in Taiwan. Read more...

    FLARE IDA Pro Script Series: MSDN Annotations IDA Pro for Malware Analysis

    | Threat Intelligence
    The FireEye Labs Advanced Reverse Engineering (FLARE) Team continues to share knowledge and tools with the community. We started this blog series with a script for Automatic Recovery of Constructed Strings in Malware. As always, you can download these scripts at the following location: We hope you find all these scripts as useful as we do.   Motivation   During my summer internship with the FLARE team, my goal was to Read more...

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