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Cyber Threats to Countries and Industries in the Nordic Region


The Nordic region is known for its natural resources, innovations in renewable energy and healthcare, proximity to the Arctic, and emphasis on transparency in government. However, these unique attributes make the region a prime target for cyber threat groups looking to capitalize on Nordic countries’ robust economies and distinct geopolitical concerns. FireEye Threat Intelligence assesses that threat actors aggressively target strategic industries and government and military organizations in search of valuable economic, political, or military intelligence.

In this report, Cyber Threats to the Nordic Region, we discuss some of the threat activity we have observed against Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden, as well as the motivations and drivers of future activity in the Nordics. Among our key findings:

  • Nordic governments and industries are primarily at risk of state-sponsored threat actors and cyber criminals stealing state secrets, sensitive personal and financial data, or intellectual property from key industries, particularly the region’s top aerospace and defense, energy, healthcare and shipping companies. State-sponsored threat actors most likely seek to use the information they obtain to benefit government decision makers and their country’s domestic industries.
  • Nordic region governments and industries are likewise vulnerable to cyber criminals, who will try to monetize stolen data for financial gain and whose malware could pose an incessant burden to network defenders.
  • State-sponsored threat actors could conduct offensive computer network attacks against strategic Nordic assets if tensions increase or conflict arises between the victim state and the government sponsoring the activity.

Nordic countries probably will experience relatively consistent cyber threat activity. Certain events—like announcements of a highly innovative technology—may contribute to a spike in cyber activity. Cyber threat groups searching for political and military intelligence, in turn, almost certainly will increase their targeting tempo during strategic negotiations or increased tension between their and the victim’s government.

The report can be downloaded here.