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80 Products

Average Number of Security Tools

Learn how to centralize security operations with an integrated SIEM, orchestration and contextual threat intelligence.

78 days

Average Time to find a breach

Hear from FireEye experts on how to work smarter,
not harder when it comes to SOC optimization.

Tech Dossier: 10K Average Alerts Per Day

Transforming Security Operations

Centralizing multiple security tools and processes into one platform as an integrated solution can be a daunting thought, but the benefits could mean the difference between identifying and responding to threats and being breached. Access this tech dossier – which also includes “The Cybersecurity Consolidation Conundrum” by John Oltsik, CSO Magazine – to learn more about efficient cyber security operations.

Find the one alert that matters

A False Sense of Security

White Paper: The SIEM That Cried Wolf


Traditional SIEM tools help aggregate events but how do you know which are the critical alerts that need attention? Find out why alert context and automation are the key to efficient and effective security operations.

“The evolving and escalating threat environment and the shift in security defense from prevent to a balance of prevent, detect and respond have prompted a renewed adoption of SOCs by a wider user base.”



Centralize security operations with one platform

Manage your security stack and the volume of your daily alerts more effectively with a centralized security operations platform. In this Gartner report, Selecting the Right SOC Model for Your Organization:

  • Learn about the core elements of a security operations center
  • Find out why your capabilities and visibility needs to expand past traditional SIEM solutions
  • Discover how security and risk management leaders can identify the best SOC model for your organization no matter what size

The one and only cloud

Many security operation platforms are hosted in the cloud. And even though the public cloud is often more secure than a traditional data center, organizations still have valid reservations about migrating to the cloud.

Top 5 Cloud Security Myths Debunked

Overcome the common myths/fears around migrating cybersecurity operations to the cloud. Read the ebook or view this webinar to learn more.

On Demand Webinar

Cloud Cover: How Providers, Customers and Criminals Leverage the Cloud

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