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141 days

is the median global dwell time for external attacks and 30 days for internal attacks.


of global compromises were identified by external sources in 2019.


of attacks reported by Mandiant professionals in 2019 were for direct financial gain.

Security Effectiveness Report & Webinar


2020 Mandiant Security Effectiveness Report Findings

Deep Dive Into Cyber Reality

The latest Mandiant research reports that 53% attacks successfully infiltrate an enterprise organization’s defenses unnoticed. Investment in cyber security is at its highest ever levels, but organizations remain vulnerable to attack because they don’t have the visibility to pinpoint where they have effectiveness gaps. Underutilized, overlapping and misconfigured tools create hidden weaknesses. On the surface, many teams believe they are secure but what lies beneath tells a very different story. Read the security effectiveness report or join our webinar for insights into the reality facing enterprise organizations including:

  • The Key metrics that every executive should care about based on thousands of attacks against 123 market leading security technologies
  • How an evidence-based approach will help you generate ongoing proof of security effectiveness
  • How to simplify and standardize your security stack

Security Effectiveness Strategies

Webinar: How to Validate and Improve Your Security Posture

Staying ahead of an evolving landscape requires continuous improvement in process and technology. Join Major General Earl Matthews USAF (Ret), VP of Strategy and Jeff Compton, Senior Manager, Global Head of Intelligence Consulting as they discuss how to evolve your security strategy including the importance of having access to relevant threat intelligence and using of validation technology to you’re your defenses against evolving threat actors.

Security Effectiveness Strategies:  How to Validate and Improve Your Security Posture
How to Prepare for and Respond to Business Disruptions After Aggressive Cyber Attacks

Gartner Report

How to Prepare for and Respond to Business Disruptions After Aggressive Cyber Attacks

An aggressive cyber attack can quickly derail your documented and tested recovery process if it is not proactively managed. A well-established internal crisis management team that constantly reviews and updates your security incident response pre-and-post breach can ensure operations resume swiftly and damage is minimized. Learn more about the best practices to adopt including:

  • Crisis management and communications planning
  • Assessing the damage following a breach
  • The stand-down process
eBook: Using Threat Intelligence to Increase Security Effectiveness

The Value of Context

eBook: Using Threat Intelligence to Increase Security Effectiveness

Understand the difference between threat data and cyber threat intelligence (CTI) to prevent a costly breach. With frontline intelligence you can take decisive action to improve your security posture.


“Adopting the Mandiant Security Validation platform enables us to identify potential security vulnerabilities and to validate the quality of our protection in almost real time.”

- SOC Manager, Major US Railroad Operator


Read the Customer Story
Leading Railroad Network Adopts Proactive Approach to Cyber Security

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