Cyber DefenSe Live | Israel

November 12, 2020 | 8.30 – 12.00 IST
Language: Hebrew

Defending Our Connected World

2020 is marking a period of massive global change in the way people live, work, and connect to each other. Workforces are significantly more distributed, dependencies on technology have dramatically increased and more critical information and services are being offered through online channels as a matter of necessity. All of these factors are creating new opportunities for malicious actors, seeking to exploit vulnerabilities in people and systems.

There has never been a more important time to come together as a community to innovate and share knowledge on today’s threats and tomorrow’s risks. In doing so, we empower ourselves as defenders with the collective wisdom to protect our way of life and the technologies that have become central to it.

Join us for our online Cyber Defense LIVE event and don't miss your chance to:

  • Hear from FireEye and Mandiant experts who will share exclusive behind-the-scenes insights around some of the hottest topics facing today’s cyber security industry
  • Get guidance on how to optimize costs while maintaining your existing risk profile
  • Discover new tools that measure security effectiveness to help companies understand and manage the associated risks of digital transformation
  • Be engaged in discussions around the importance of cloud technologies to business operations
  • Listen to business leaders from some of our most innovative customers sharing their experiences and successes.

Keynote Speaker


Avi Nussbaum, Stand-up Comedian

Avi Nussbaum is an Israeli stand-up comedian, screenwriter, radio presenter, and television host. Avi specializes in capturing the comic moments of life and reflecting upon them, showing life as it is. In his new show “Working from Home”, Avi offers the audience his view on how to handle life during Covid 19 times, and gives a glimpse of the future of technology. Prepare to laugh until you can’t breathe!


Schedule Reflects Israel Standard Time

8:30 Virtual Expo Hall Opens  
9:00 Welcome Meir Amor - Country Manager, Israel
9:10 Keynote - What's New at FireEye and Mandiant

Dudu Akiva - Senior Sales Engineer

Benny Adler - Senior Sales Engineer

9:35 CusCustomer Spotlight: EA Cyber - The challenges of managing a global workforce Eli Assif - Chief Executive Officer 
9:50 Break & Networking Talk with our experts in the Expert's Lounge
Meet with our Partners in the Expo Hall
10:10 Keynote - An overview of Iran’s cyber apparatus: cyber capabilities which define a regional superpower Sanaz Yashar - Principal Cyber Analyst, Mandiant Threat Intelligence
Matan Mimran - Senior Analyst Intel Enablement, Mandiant
Yuri Rozhansky - Principal Researcher Mandiant
10:50 Break & Networking Talk with our experts in the Expert's Lounge
Meet with our Partners in the Expo Hall
11:10 Guest Keynote:  "Work from home show" Avi Nussbaum - Israeli stand-up comedian, screenwriter, television presenter
11:45 Close & Networking Talk with our experts in the Expert's Lounge
Meet with our Partners in the Expo Hall