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Arsal, Video Production Intern

Arsal, Video Production Intern

Arsal, Video Production Intern, was first exposed to FireEye through the media and its coverage of the Sony Pictures hack in 2014. “As an emerging filmmaker, I never thought I’d have a place in a cyber security company.” Then, Arsal found a posting for Video Production Intern at FireEye. “Because cyber security is so important in many global industries, I saw this internship as an opportunity to not only develop my video production skills, but also educate myself in this area where I lacked knowledge.”    

Arsal’s role as Video Production Intern entails working with the multimedia team on a variety of production tasks that suit Arsal’s skills. “This ranges from camera operation to audio recording and video editing. My role requires me to be involved with the production and post-production stages of internal and external visual projects. As a part of the multimedia team, we handle projects as a team, so my tasks vary on what is suitable for my skills and what is needed of me.”

As someone creating external promotional material for FireEye, Arsal has had the opportunity to become familiar with the company and its services with the guidance and support of her team. “One of the most difficult aspects of creating videos in a company is to understand their products and what needs it satisfies in the eyes of the customers. For intangible products, coming up with creative ways to introduce your content can be challenging from time to time, and something I found myself to struggle with. Having a professional production team that showed me how to brainstorm ideas and turn them into tangible assets, was the most interesting process I learned during my time here at FireEye.”

"I saw this internship as an opportunity to not only develop my video production skills, but also educate myself in this area where I lacked knowledge.”

Each day, Arsal comes across a new favorite moment. “My favorite moments have always been the ones when I carry around gear in the utility cart around the office. Every time I get to meet new people that are just curious about what’s on the cart, who I am or throw some fun lines my way. Those times here have been truly unique and engaging and puts a smile on my face everytime I think about them.” 

To get the most out of an internship at FireEye, Arsal believes confidence is key. “Be confident and be open to learning about what FireEye does, as well as its people, its culture, and its overall vision.” While intern may be a title associated with plenty of stereotypes, Arsal’s experience has proven that “interns are only interns in their titles here. They’re treated like regular employees. From the moment we walked in the door, we are a part of the team and definitely feel it. So embrace it and know that you are in for a treat.”