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Frequently Asked Questions

From resume tips to hiring process logistics, we're here to help you with the details. Check out the questions we most often receive to IGNITE your application.

Resume Tips

What’s the expected length for my resume?

Your resume should include all relevant information including your background, knowledge, and accomplishments. If this means your resume is longer than one page, no problem!

What information should I include on my resume?

All the important stuff like education, expected graduation date, skills, tools, programming languages, relevant courses and experiences should be easily accessible in your resume. Feel free to emphasize information on your resume that’s relevant to the position you’re applying to. If you have a skill set section, tell us how you’ve used the tools by incorporating them into the experience section on your resume. Focus on your accomplishments, rather than duties. Try to include both quantitative and qualitative metrics. Don’t forget to include the best contact information (phone number and email) with which we can contact you!

How should my resume look?

Please use fonts and colors that are easy to read. We recommend sticking to a standard font size and using no more than 2 colors for clean formatting that emphasizes your experiences. PDF or .doc are preferred formats. And always make sure to proofread and spell check your resume! Generally, chronological resumes are better than overviews of experience so we can see when you accomplished certain things.

Should I include extracurricular and volunteer work?

Absolutely! Including what you’re passionate about outside of the classroom helps us get to know you better. This can include competitions, hackathons, clubs, and projects currently in process.  

What do you look for in candidates?

We value individuality and believe diversity makes FireEye great. We look for individuals who are passionate, curious, value innovation, and don’t mind having fun out of the office at our intern events. Ideal candidates go above and beyond to grow their skill set and separate themselves from the competition. Unique projects are a plus and if you’re looking for technical roles definitely get exposure to some type of programming.

Do I need to submit a cover letter?

While cover letters aren’t required, they can help us better understand you and how your experiences align with the project you’re applying to. Tell us what interests you about the project or, better yet, FireEye. Cover letters are a great place to elaborate on elements of your resume. You can upload your cover letter as an attachment to our applicant tracking system (SmartRecruiters) when you apply or add it to your profile at any time. All that considered, your resume is the most important part of your application. It’s what employers are focused on. No matter what, you should be prepared to speak to anything listed on your resume or cover letter. If you can't speak to it – don’t include it.

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Applying for a Job or Internship

What does the intern application process at FireEye look like?

Start your application by creating a profile on SmartRecruiters. You can do so by applying to a posting or joining one of our Talent Communities.

Referrals: We encourage referrals to join our Talent Communities. If you were referred for an internship at FireEye, we will do our best to contact you about our open opportunities.

Can I apply for multiple roles at FireEye?

Sure! When our internship positions are posted, please apply to those that match your interests/skills. If you see multiple postings for the same position, it’s recommended that you apply to the location you are most interested rather than all of them. If we don’t currently have any internship listings, please join one of our Communities on our Talent Community page to let us know you’re interested and subscribe to our newsletter.

Leave a comment with more information about your interests and specific skills to indicate what role(s) you like so the recruiting team can match you with the best opportunity.

What types of jobs and internships do you offer?

We typically offer internships in the following areas:

  • Software Engineering
  • Hardware Engineering
  • Malware Research
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Sales
  • Legal
  • Incident Response and Red Team
  • Security Operations
  • Data Science
  • Technical Support

However, the types of internships available vary by year due to the project-based nature of our program.

What does project-based mean?

Project-based is our way of saying that each year, hiring managers spend tons of time planning internship projects so our interns can do meaningful work that is valued by FireEye. For a better idea of previous positions, roles, and projects, check out the blogs by some of our past interns.

About how many applicants do you receive?

We receive a high volume of applications each year. Unfortunately, we are not able to get back to every candidate and ask that you be patient in receiving updates about your application status. We’ll do our best to get back to you in a reasonable amount of time!

Does FireEye consider student visas?

While not guaranteed, we sponsor most roles in the United States. Sponsorship will be on a case-by-case basis and will depend on the role and where it’s located. Be sure to speak with your recruiter about this.

I’m graduating before the internship would start. Am I still eligible to apply for an internship?

We require that interns must be enrolled in at least one more term after the end of their internship. University grads are encouraged to look at the FireEye careers page to find all associate and entry level positions. Congrats to all the graduates!

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Hiring Process

I’ve submitted my resume for a role. Now what?

We will review your resume and application and reach out if you are a strong candidate for that position. Even if you are not selected for the role you applied for, your information will be kept in our database and we may contact you for a future opportunity at FireEye. Click here for more information about our data processing practices.

How can I check the status of my application?

You can find the current status for each role you apply to on your SmartRecruiters profile. This view shows New, In-Review, Interview, and Hired statuses as you move along in the process.

When will I know if a decision has been made?

Since we receive so many applications, we're not able give an exact timeline of when decisions will be made. In the U.S., certain teams hire more in the fall while others are more active during the spring.

Can I withdraw my application? How?

If you wish to withdraw your application to a role, you can do so on your SmartRecruiters profile under the Jobs tab.

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How many interview rounds should I expect?

Typically, the interview process consists of a phone screen with the recruiter and a phone interview each with the Mentor and Manager for the role. However, some teams will want candidates to speak with additional team members via video or phone call or come in for an onsite. Your recruiter will let you know what is required.

How should I prepare for my interview?

Be prepared to speak to all experiences on your resume (but this should be easy because you know about these better than anyone else!) Practice interviewing to help you get more comfortable with the process.

Think of questions you may have for the interviewer about the role, the project, the team, or other logistics.

Interviews may be virtual or onsite, depending on the role and your location. Interview invites should include location/ dial-in information, but if you’re unsure, please get in touch with your recruiter to confirm. For phone interviews, make sure you are in a quiet place free from outside distractions.

Will there be technical assessments?

Depending on the role, a technical assessment may be a required part of your interview process. Your recruiter will let you know if a technical assessment is needed for the position.

What if I need an accommodation for the interview?

If you feel comfortable doing so, you may leave a comment on your application specifying accommodations needed. If you know your recruiter, please reach out to them and let them know. Requests for accommodations can be sent directly to HR-Accommodations@FireEye.com.

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IGNITE Program

What will my internship look like?

Our goal is to provide real-world, thought-provoking internships to current undergraduate, graduate, and PhD level students. The IGNITE intern program highlights may include:

  • Project-Based Internships
  • 1:1 Mentoring
  • Industry and Executive Speaker Series
  • Intern Project Showcase
  • Community Outreach
  • Professional and Personal Development

How long do internships last?

Our U.S. internships typically last 12 weeks/3 months and begin in May/June. Internships located in Ireland are typically 9 months and begin in January. Interns may be extended on a case-by-case basis.

Does FireEye allow flexible work schedules?

If a flexible work schedule is something you require, be sure to note this in your application. Work schedules vary from role to role and are determined by managers depending on the requirements.

Do interns have access to FireEye benefits and/or perks? What kinds?

We offer a competitive compensation packages to our interns. In other words, 100% of the interns at FireEye are paid! Interns have access to FireEye benefits, which vary by country, but include opportunities like professional development tools, trainings, and courses. A benefits package will be sent to you upon the offer stage with more details. 

You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in fun intern outings, speaker series, and other company events because, as interns, you’re part of the FireEye family!

Where are FireEye internships located? Which offices?

FireEye is a global company with internships located all over the world! Check out our current job listings to see where our internships are located. U.S. internships are typically during the summer (May through September).  

Note: If you plan to move home during your summer break, please put your home address on your SmartRecruiters profile.

Do you offer co-ops?

While FireEye does not have an official co-op program, there is a possibility your internship may last longer than 12 weeks.

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Join Our Talent Community

Not sure where to start? Let us know what type of projects you're interested in by joining our Talent Community. If something comes up, we may reach out to connect you with an opportunity that best aligns with your skills and interests!

Additional Questions

My question isn’t listed here, who can I contact for further information?

When you apply to a role and create an account with SmartRecruiters, you can leave a coment on your profile for your recruiter to see. Once a recruiter reaches out to you, feel free to contact them via email. To contact the University Recruiting team, email ignite@fireeye.com.