FireEye Enhances Security Platform With Launch of FireEye Managed Defense Subscription Service

Expert Analysts Help Organizations Find and Stop Attackers at the Earliest Stage of an Intrusion

FireEye, Inc. (NASDAQ: FEYE), the leader in stopping today’s advanced cyber attacks, today announced the availability of FireEye® Managed Defense. The new subscription service enhances the value of the FireEye Security Platform by combining 24x7 continuous monitoring with intelligence, advice, and context about advanced attacks identified by the FireEye Security Platform. FireEye Managed Defense is designed to tell organizations who is attacking them, why, and what they need to do to resolve the incident, and provide rapid incident response when necessary.

"The tools attackers use to invade networks and steal digital assets are changing every day. The sophistication of advanced threats has outpaced what most organizations’ security teams can handle on their own,” said Yanek Korff, vice president of FireEye Managed Defense. “Monitoring and response must be a 24x7 function. It must continually evolve to keep intruders at bay. FireEye Managed Defense integrates FireEye Multi-Vector Virtual Execution™ (MVX) engine technology and proprietary intelligence on the latest advanced attacker tactics and proactively hunts for attackers that have bypassed preventive defenses while providing customers with tools and context for effective and rapid response.”

FireEye Managed Defense provides three subscription levels so organizations can align the service level to complement their team’s skills and risk tolerance. Available FireEye Managed Defense offerings include:

  • Continuous Monitoring: Scales security teams with FireEye analysts monitoring deployed platforms and informing organizations when alerts require follow up. Proactive Cybercon reports also provide advanced warning of advanced persistent threat (APT) campaigns and zero-day attacks. In addition, system health monitoring provides for more optimal detection efficacy.
  • Continuous Protection: Accelerates incident response with expert analysts from FireEye who investigate alerts and provide definitive and detailed compromise reports for each confirmed threat. Security teams receive investigative reports and recommendations for each confirmed compromise as well as the ability to contain compromised devices and pivot to incident response as needed.
  • Continuous Vigilance: Brings the depth of understanding of attacker tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) to enable active pursuit of adversaries in your network.  Expert analysts use advanced analytical techniques to find attackers hiding in remote corners of the network.

The FireEye Managed Defense service is designed to provide round-the-clock vigilance and in-depth investigation of suspected compromise, with resources to identify and respond to any type of breach and help customers:

  • Know When They Are Compromised: Through broad-scale coverage of network traffic and endpoints via the FireEye Security Platform, advanced network traffic analysis, and active hunting, the FireEye Managed Defense team provides definitive compromise details and actionable next steps.
  • Minimize the Damage of a Targeted Attack : By minimizing the window of exposure through features such as one-click containment, and accurate, informed response steps, customers can reduce the risk that financial assets or intellectual property will be stolen.
  • Reduce Disruption to the Business: By rapidly and precisely identifying specific devices that have been compromised, unaffected employees, assets and processes can stay online through the response effort.
  • Optimize Security Team Time and Resources : By offloading the resource-intensive work of hunting for adversaries, customer security teams can focus on other tasks until an actual incident arises.
  • Stay Out of the Headlines: By swiftly detecting targeted attacks, responding rapidly, and maintaining ongoing vigilance, customers can reduce the reputation damage and business impact that may result from the need to disclose data theft to customers, partners or regulatory authorities.

FireEye Managed Defense is currently available to all FireEye Security Platform customers. Attendees at the 2014 RSA Conference in San Francisco will be able to hear more about the services at the FireEye booth on February 24–27, 2014.

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FireEye has invented a purpose-built, virtual machine-based security platform that provides real-time threat protection to enterprises and governments worldwide against the next generation of cyber attacks. These highly sophisticated cyber attacks easily circumvent traditional signature-based defenses, such as next-generation firewalls, IPS, anti-virus, and gateways. The FireEye Threat Prevention Platform provides real-time, dynamic threat protection without the use of signatures to protect an organization across the primary threat vectors and across the different stages of an attack life cycle. The core of the FireEye platform is a virtual execution engine, complemented by dynamic threat intelligence, to identify and block cyber attacks in real time. FireEye has over 1,500 customers across more than 40 countries, including over 100 of the Fortune 500.

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