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  • 2017 Cyber Security Predictions Join us to hear from some of FireEye's top experts about our predictions for 2017 which draw from our executive team, Mandiant incident responders, FireEye iSIGHT Intelligence and FireEye Labs.
  • The Rise of Security Orchestration: Myths and Truths Join this webinar with Paul Nguyen, VP of Orchestration and Integration at FireEye and guest speaker Joseph Blankenship of Forrester to learn: - Why we are seeing a rise in security orchestration - Where the market is moving - How to get the most out of orchestration
  • Make 2017 a Year of Countering the Evolving Threat Landscape Tis the season of predictions looking ahead to 2017 and paying lip service to the threat landscape. Not a fan of either of those? You’re not alone. Join FireEye in this BrightTalk webinar where we’ll discuss more than just the threats that may or may not be awaiting us in 2017. We’ll discuss real attacker tactics and techniques, along with how you can actually counter the risk they present.

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