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Global | August 2021

Tales from the Trenches: How Managed Defense Customers Avoid the Biggest Threats

Join us as we reach into Managed Defense, Mandiant’s MDR service to show real-world examples of how Mandiant addresses the biggest threats, from the sly spying of SUNBURST to the exploitation of the Microsoft Exchange and SonicWall zero-day vulnerabilities. We'll hear from the Managed Defense Consultants who saw these events unfolding before them, and who did all they could to defend their customers.

Global | July 2021

Mandiant Intelligence Briefing: Stories Directly from the Frontline

Professionalization and commoditization of the cyber threat ecosystem continues to evolve as criminals increase focus on efficiency and profits. Ransomware operations regained attention as an efficient, effective monetization process unlimited by industry or geography with new professional interactions between criminal enterprises and victims.

Global | May 2021

How to Make Threat Intelligence Actionable

Don't miss this thought provoking conversation as experts cover how threat intelligence should be operationalized to: Validate that security controls can effectively prevent and detect attacks, Monitor for threats actively targeting your industry or organization and Inform business stakeholders of critical organizational risk.

EMEA | May 2021

Expert's Talk: A Day in the life of an Intel Analyst on the Frontlines

Every hour, Mandiant Threat intelligence Analysts answer some of the most challenging threat intelligence questions our customers face. Spread across the globe, they develop answers using knowledge, subject matter expertise, and tools that power Mandiant Threat intelligence.

EMEA | May 2021

Expert's Talk: A day in the life of an Incident Responder

Operating on the front lines every single day, FireEye Mandiant team of incident response consultants handle hundreds of engagements every year, relying on their knowledge and expertise combined with extensive information as well as capabilities provided by dedicated Threat Intelligence and Malware Reverse Engineering functions.

EMEA | May 2021

Tech Talk: Security Validation, dive into real use cases, discover the 2021 new features

We have just released the 4.6 version of Mandiant Security Validation, whilst continuing to constantly improve capabilities and features on our Mandiant Security Validation Platform. During this tech talk we will demonstrate to you all the new features and associated use cases we experienced with our customers and partners. This session will focus on Cloud Assessment, Reporting capabilities, and Intelligence integration.

Global | April 2021

FireEye Mandiant Virtual Summit | Innovation Forward: A New Era of Resilience

Join us at FireEye Mandiant’s Virtual Summit to learn about the latest advancements in cyber security and best practices for defending against threats to build a New Era of Resilience.

Global | March 2021

Fear of Missing Incidents – The Battle for Security Analysts

Catch Chris Triolo, VP of Customer Success, FireEye and Daniel Slack, Director of Mandiant Managed Defense, for a timely discussion on the reality of frontline SOC work. Our experts will share real-world examples from their experiences in the SOC while analyzing the results from the IDC InfoBrief.

Global | March 2021

Respond to the Alerts that Matter with Free Expert Ratings from Mandiant

Join us in this session where our specialist Tim Gallo will give an overview of Mandiant Advantage: Threat Intelligence and recently added features that will help you prioritize alerts and provide instant context directly from Mandiant’s frontline expertise.

EMEA | February 2021

Expert's Talk: A Day in the Life of a Threat Intel Red Teamer

The session will detail how the FireEye Mandiant team of consultants use from detailed analysis of the latest ransomware group phishing technique to reverse engineered nation-state tools and tactics to enhance the relevancy and accuracy of their Red Team engagements.

Global | February 2021

Light in the Dark: Hunting for SUNBURST

Hear Matt Bromiley, Principal Consultant, Mandiant Managed Defense and Andrew Rector, Sr. Principal Consultant, Mandiant Managed Defense, for a first-ever look inside how Mandiant addressed the SUNBURST threat with customers, including stories from the front lines of this customer-focused response.

EMEA | February 2021

Expert's Talk: A Day in the Life of a Threat Intel Red Teamer

The session will detail how the FireEye Mandiant team of consultants use from detailed analysis of the latest ransomware group phishing technique to reverse engineered nation-state tools and tactics to enhance the relevancy and accuracy of their Red Team engagements.

EMEA | February 2021

Tech Talk - From Endpoint Forensics to Protection: Our New Modules built from the trenches

Explore the latest FireEye Endpoint version with the objective of getting the most added value from it. We will deep dive on specific new features and new modules which gives you to ability to strengthen your detection, protection or investigation capabilities.

Global | February 2021

Uplift your SOAR with Detection On Demand

Get insight from our experts as we highlight how Detection on Demand works, how best to integrate Detection on Demand to improve the efficiency of your SOC and share other ways to leverage Detection on Demand.

Global | February 2021

Proving Security Effectiveness to Your CISO, CFO and Board

Join us for this robust conversation with Cyberhedge as we cover how to fully validate your organization’s cyber health and measure its impact on the company’s financial posture and market performance.

Global | January 2021

The Security Operations Center is Essential – But Is it Effective?

Join experts from the Ponemon Institute and FireEye, for a discussion on the state of today’s SOC, staffing, budgets for SOC tools, cost considerations for outsourcing and ROI.

Global | January 2021

DebUNCing Attribution to Counter Threats More Effectively

Get details about how actionable threat intelligence can provide unique insights to help security teams understand risks, prioritize resources and enforce effective countermeasures.

Global | January 2021

FireEye Helix Explained: Helix Analytics

Optimize SOC functionality in Helix and see a demo, which shows how you can build context on analytics alerts and leverage analytics for hunting.

Global | January 2021

UNC2452: What We Know So Far

Get all the latest information on UNC2452, the actor behind the SolarWinds supply chain compromise.

Global | December 2020

Survey Says: A Modern SOC Requires XDR

Hear why XDR is so important for security teams to address today’s advanced attacks.

Americas | November 2020

Threat Intelligence Briefing, hosted by Nextgov

Tune in to hear what’s at stake for government agencies, from critical infrastructure to risk management.

Global | November 2020

Living Off The Land on a Private Island: An Overview of UNC1945

Learn about UNC1945, a Mandiant tracked group, who operates against a tailored set of targets within the financial and professional consulting industries by leveraging access to third-party networks.

Global | November 2020

To XDR or Not to XDR?

Explore the promise of XDR and on how to supercharge automation and effectiveness in the security operations center.

Global | November 2020

Cyber Summit 2020

Hear keynotes from some of FireEye’s leading experts and informative sessions on a range of topics.

Global | October 2020

FIN11: A Widespread Ransomware and Extortion Operation

Learn about FIN11, a financially motivated threat group impacting organizations across multiple sectors & geographies.

Global | October 2020

The Convergence of Security & Network Architectures

Hear from iboss and FireEye how to better protect the evolving cloud environment with a multi-vector defense solution.

Global | September 2020

Connect the Dots of Your Security Evidence: The Role of XDR

Learn how organizations are deploying XDR to detect and respond to attacks faster at a fraction of the cost.

Global | September 2020

Cloud Security: Not Just a Visibility Problem Anymore

Watch as frontline response experts & former CISOs share how to better manage effective cloud security.

Global | September 2020

How Continuous Validation Helps Protect the Supply Chain

Learn how intelligence-led validation can help tighten controls and reduce risk around the supply chain.

Global | August 2020

FireEye Helix Explained: Multi-Stage Rules

Tune in as our expert panel shares how to optimize functionality in Helix to better manage rules, alerts and much more.

Global | August 2020

Opening the Books on Ghostwriter

Join threat intelligence expert, Lee Foster, as he describes the discovery and details of the Ghostwriter campaign.

Global | August 2020

Extend Network Protection & Forensics to Microsoft Azure

Hear experts at Keysight & FireEye share best practices for network, cloud security & forensics in Azure environments.

Americas | August 2020

Community Resilience: Working to Improve Cybersecurity

Explore how threat intelligence & peer collaboration can extend cyber resilience beyond a single campus boundary.

Americas | August 2020

Mitigate Ransomware Risks with a Enterprise Content Firewall

Hear how to better protect all your communication channels using joint Accellion & FireEye solutions.

Americas | July 2020

Building a Ransomware Defense

Hear how advanced detection, prevention & front line response practices are the best defense against ransomware attacks.

Global | July 2020

Cybersecurity Expertise & Female Leadership

Hear about the opportunities that exist for women in cyber security and insights into preparing for board level roles.

Americas | June 2020

Ransomware Legal Implications and Proactive Solutions

Hear this expert panel for a discussion on ransomware and how to address legal implications and manage insurance risk.

Global | June 2020

BrightTALK Local California: The Future of Events

Hear how two of the Golden State’s top CMOs are adapting their strategies to drive results during & after the pandemic.

Americas | June 2020

Understanding & countering threats in higher education

An interactive discussion about cyber threats facing higher education & how you can prioritize your limited resources.

Global | June 2020

FireEye Virtual Summit | Empower. Evolve. Defend.

Hear best practices, research, and strategies to empower organizations to evolve their cyber security posture.

Americas | May 2020

Integrating Better Intelligence for Better Security

Hear our expert panel discuss how a combined Anomali-FireEye solution can drive better integrated security.

Americas | May 2020

Enabling Secure Remote Access for Your Campus

Hear how to adapt a college or university cybersecurity strategy in today's security landscape.

Americas | May 2020

Current Landscape of Mid-Market Threat Intelligence

Watch this joint webinar with One Source as experts highlight how to better address mid market targeted cyber threats.

Global | May 2020

2020 Mandiant Security Effectiveness Report Findings

Hear why a majority of tested attacks are able to infiltrate without detection & why security validation is critical.

Global | May 2020

FireEye Helix Explained - Dashboards and Reports

Join this expert panel as they share tips to boost the effectiveness of your security operations with Helix.

Global | May 2020

Security Effectiveness Strategies

Tune in for a robust exchange with Mandiant cyber security experts, on how to validate & improve your security posture.

Global | May 2020

Intel Led Threat Protection For SaaS-Mobile Environment

Hear how FireEye’s detection capabilities can be combined with CipherCloud to stop malicious content from being shared.

Global | April 2020

Threat Intel Drives Effective Vulnerability Management

Learn how CTI helps drive better-informed vulnerability management decisions & effectively manage the associated risks.

Global | April 2020

Knowing is Half the Battle: Cloud Visibility and Protection

Join cloud expert Martin Holste & featured Forrester analyst Andras Cser, share how to optimize your cloud solution.

Americas | April 2020

Breach preparedness using cyber risk assessment & mitigation

Hear experts share how to best evaluate and manage cyber risk for state, local and public sector organizations.

Global | March 2020

They Come in the Night: Emerging Ransomware Trends

Uncover the latest ransomware research including new trends in intrusion vectors, dwell time, deployment & tactics.

Americas | March 2020

FireEye Helix Explained - Mandiant Query Language Searches

Tune in to hear in depth MQL best practices & platform features to help optimize SOC effectiveness.

Global | March 2020

Security Tips For Remote Access During COVID-19

Hear our experts share best practices that will enable your remote workforce rollout while reducing security risks.

Global | March 2020

M-Trends 2020: Insights into Today’s Cyber Attacks

Join us for this webinar as FireEye Mandiant experts discuss highlights & case studies from the M-Trends 2020 report.

Global | March 2020

2020 Security Technology for the Multi-Cloud

Hear this panel of experts discuss multi-cloud adoption & the challenges of securing organizations against cyber attacks

Global | February 2020

Operationalizing Cyber Threat Intel

Join us as we look specifically at how cyber threat intelligence can help improve computer network defense operations.

Global | February 2020

The Board Landscape

Learn how women who are cyber professionals can uniquely position themselves for senior leadership & Board roles.

Global | February 2020

Protect All Files from Malware with a Content Firewall

Learn the value of seeing, controlling, securing, & tracking what enters, moves through and leaves your organization.

Americas | January 2020

Instrumenting Cloud Security to Validate Critical Controls

Learn how a proactive and measurable approach can enable your organization to identify risks before a breach.

Global | January 2020

Investigation on Demand: Use Cases for SOC support

Better investigations can lead to better decision-making during security events. FireEye Expertise On Demand can help.

Global | January 2020

How to Resolve the Cyber Skills Gap

Hear about the cyber skills crisis in line with the evolving threat landscape & mitigation options.

Global | January 2020

Perspective on Iranian Attacks & Practical Mitigations

Watch this webinar, as our experts provide an overview on the current threat landscape from Iran.

Global | December 2019

FireEye Chat - Insights into 2020 and Beyond

In this episode of FireEye Chat, we dive deeper into election security and the emerging role of the general counsel.

Americas | December 2019

Validate Cyber Security Effectiveness

Learn more about the new FireEye Purple Team Assessment., which combines FireEye Mandiant expertise & Verodin SIP.

Global | November 2019

The Road Ahead: Cyber Security in 2020 and Beyond

Hear insights into various topics discussed in our report, The Road Ahead: Cyber Security in 2020 and Beyond.

Global | October 2019

The Shifting Balance: Expertise, Automation & Cybersecurity

AI machine or human expert? Learn how to identify which approach to take when solving cybersecurity challenges.

Global | October 2019

Ransomware Cripples Local Governments: Prepare and Respond

Learn how to protect the government sector's most important assets from ransomware attacks and steps to remediate.

Global | September 2019

FireEye Chat - Front and Center on SOC optimization

Hear FireEye experts firsthand, share why you need to work smarter, not harder when it comes to SOC optimization.

Global | September 2019

Solutions for Effective Network Security in the Cloud

Hear industry experts share how you can ensure that data flowing into the cloud doesn’t leave an opening for attackers.

Americas | September 2019

Keeping Local Governments Safe from Ransomware

Hear how local government leaders can protect their most important assets from ransomware attacks.

Global | September 2019

More Cloud, More Problems?

Join this webinar to ensure that your organization’s cloud strategy is less of a problem than you might think.

Global | September 2019

Cyber Threats Impacting Healthcare Today

Hear FireEye and Beazley present a webinar that discusses the latest breach and threat landscape trends in Healthcare.

Americas | August 2019

Higher Ed Cyber Threats

Hear experts share what you need to know to better defend your campus.

Americas | August 2019

Protecting the Academy: Cyber Threats for Higher Education

Find out more about the top cyber threats facing higher education institutions today.

Global | August 2019

Double Dragon: APT41, an espionage & crime operation

Learn more about FireEye’s newly named threat group, APT41 and why they are a threat to contend with.

Global | August 2019

Ask the Expert Interview at BlackHat | Ground Truth about the Cyber Skills Shortage

Cyber security practitioners are already at a disadvantage in the asymmetric battle for the fate of their company’s and customers’ networks and have much to teach the rest of us about how organizations can overcome the shortfall. Watch expert Danny Slack, as he talks about stories and strategies from the cyber defender’s perspective.

Global | August 2019

Expert Panel at BlackHat | CISO's Toolbox: Strategies for Success

Watch this recording of industry experts at BlackHat 2019, share what CISOs need to be successful at their job, discover the challenges CISOs are facing and the ways they are solving them, plus many more interesting insights.

Global | July 2019

FireEye Chat | Front and Center with Colin Carmichael and Jason Martin on the Cybersecurity Skills Shortage

The rise of technology, combined with more complex cyber security products and cyber threats, have gradually increased the demand for experienced, trained experts to fill a growing number of critical security roles in industry and government worldwide.

Americas | June 2019

Interview: Tim Appleby on Cloud Security Solutions for Government

Recorded live at the AWS Public Sector Summit 2019, Tim Appleby, Director of Federal Programs at FireEye discusses how the public sector is embracing cloud and managing risk.

Americas | June 2019

Interview: Martin Holste on the Future of Security in the Cloud

Recorded live at the AWS Public Sector Summit 2019, Martin Holste, Cloud Services CTO at FireEye discusses the future of security in the cloud.

Americas | June 2019

Recorded live at the AWS Public Sector Summit: Cloud Security Breakfast Briefing

Tune in to this video, which features event highlights and tips from our panel of cloud security subject matter experts at the recent AWS Public Sector Summit.

Americas | June 2019

Recorded live at the AWS Public Sector Summit: Top 5 Cloud Myths Busted

See a recorded video presentation from the Cloud Security Breakfast Briefing, hosted by FireEye and AWS, as Martin Holste, Cloud Services CTO at FireEye helps debunk several common myths that jeopardize your fast, secure, migration to the cloud.

Americas | June 2019

Cloud Security Solutions for Government: Recorded at AWS Public Sector Summit

In this briefing, hear experts from AWS and FireEye address how organizations can achieve the security needed to protect user credentials, proactively identify vulnerabilities and centralize security monitoring.

Americas | June 2019

AWS Public Sector Summit: Cloud Security and the Shared Responsibility Model

Watch Stephen Alexander, National Security Senior Solutions Architect at AWS as he discusses driving cloud security and understanding the shared responsibility model.

Americas | June 2019

Recorded at the AWS Public Sector Summit: Government Cloud Adoption

In this video, Tim Appleby, FireEye's Director of Federal Programs discusses government cloud adoption and how to develop and Implement an effective cloud assurance program.

Global | June 2019

FireEye Virtual Summit | Cyber Security Resilience, Research and Results

Executive Track: This track was designed for Executives & Board Members, General Counsel and all C-level personnel

Global | June 2019

FireEye Virtual Summit | Cyber Security Resilience, Research and Results

Practitioner Track: Designed for Security Researchers, Analysts, Frontline Responders, & Managers.

Global | June 2019

How FireEye Protects FireEye

FireEye relentlessly protects its customers. But who protects FireEye? Join us for an overview of how FireEye uses its own products and services to protect itself from the same threats faced by customers.

Global | June 2019

Help, my users have been hacked! What happened and how do I respond?

Watch this webinar as we take a closer look at the discovery of credential harvesting and multiple compromised clients from a single compromised endpoint. Learn how investigation can be used to find and contain the impact of a breach in nearly any environment.

Global | June 2019

A Review of Cyber Resilience -- Past, Present, and Future

While cyber-attacks are inevitable, proper preparation is the essential element that sets resilient organizations apart from the rest in managing risk, minimizing damage, and recovering quickly from any incidents. Join us as we discuss three strategic imperatives to strengthen cyber resilience

Global | June 2019

The Cyber Skills Gap: A Practitioner’s Perspective

The shortage of cybersecurity workers is a growing concern for the teams who are directly responsible for protecting the organization against cyber threats. Watch this webinar for a look at the unforeseen challenges and consequences of the growing cyber skills gap, especially around protecting against advanced threats.

Global | June 2019

Simplifying Security Operations with ONE Platform

Managing security operations is a challenge, and the technologies most organizations are using don’t provide the visibility, detection efficacy, or context they need. Organizations need a single solution that centralizes their security management, provides visibility, and allows them to quickly respond to threats with automation.

Global | June 2019

Cyber Threats and Elections: What You Need to Know

Election security has become a growing priority for governments and citizens alike on a global scale. Join this webinar to uncover the differing threats facing entities within an election’s ecosystem.

Global | June 2019

How To Train Your Email Security Dragon

The numbers make stark reading. 281 billion emails sent daily to over two billion business users. 91% of all cyber-attacks start with an email and it only takes ONE with malicious intent to impact your organization. With evolving methods used by the adversary, it’s becoming increasingly difficult not to get burned. Learn more about how you can better protect your organization.

Global | June 2019

Green Demon Denied

A great Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service knows when real, malicious threat actors are hiding their footprints amongst Red Team activity. In this war story, we discuss how Managed Defense, FireEye's MDR service, deals with such situations.

Global | June 2019

Using Risk Management to Optimize Cybersecurity Costs

Cyber risk management is a strategic priority for executive leaders worldwide, though many organizations find it challenging to accurately anticipate, prioritize, and forecast risk mitigation costs. In this webinar, we highlight how to help executives effectively implement cyber risk management practices today.

Global | June 2019

APT Groups: How They Think, What They Want, and How to Fight Them

Hear David Grout, FireEye EMEA Chief Technology Officer explain how effective cyber threat intelligence (CTI) helps you understand APT groups’ intents and tactics so you can stay ahead of attacks, instead of just reacting to them.

Global | June 2019

A Red Team Case Study

Join this webinar, to get a case study detailed in the FireEye M-Trends 2019 report, where consultants performed an objective-based assessment that emulated a real cyber attack of an advanced, nation state attacker across the entire attack lifecycle

Global | June 2019

Threat Intelligence on the Frontlines

Staying ahead of attacks, instead of merely reacting, is the heart of cyber threat intelligence. To illustrate the importance of these capabilities don't miss the latest real-world intelligence findings that have impacted the industry.

Americas | May 2019

Defensive Security Techniques You Can Use Now

Get a deep dive on a number of technical and programmatic defensive trends and best practices to help you prepare for incidents and mitigate their impact.

Americas | May 2019

Understanding, Combating, and Identifying Insider Threats for Government

Learn why organizations must stay vigilant against external threats while keeping a keen eye on the risk that insider threats pose.

Global | April 2019

The Role of the General Counsel in Cyber Security Decision-Making

In this video, Alexa King, EVP and General Counsel sits down with Karen Kukoda, FireEye Senior Director of Strategic Alliances, to discuss not only the role the General Counsel plays in cyber security, but also the duties of the board of directors in overseeing cyber security.

Americas | April 2019

Higher Education Cyber Threat Report Webinar

Examine the current risk environment – based on data from the latest FireEye M-Trends report – and unpack what it means for higher education professionals. We’ll offer fresh insights for understanding and preventing advanced attacks and give practical advice for reducing your cyber risk.

Global | April 2019

A 360-Degree View of the Latest APT Groups

Get a high-level overview on how nation-state interests are driving APT activity and insight into the most recent APT groups investigated by FireEye.

Americas | March 2019

Code Triage: Why Healthcare is Facing More Cyber Attacks and How to Protect Your Organization

Learn more about what healthcare security teams need to understand to battle the unique security concerns they face.

Global | March 2019

Defending Against Cyber Threats

Join this expert panel as they discuss the latest industry topics including: Top 5 cyber threats businesses face today, Notable cyber attack methods and strategies and how to protect against them, Solutions for network visibility, breach detection and response, Recommendations for improving security and steps to take today.

Global | March 2019

FireEye Chat - Front and Center with Kevin Mandia and the Evolution of M-Trends

Our inaugural episode celebrates the 10-year anniversary of M-Trends, our annual report on the latest developments that define today’s threat landscape. Join host Vasu Jakkal, FireEye CMO and special guest Kevin Mandia, FireEye CEO as they discuss the report’s origin story and the people behind it.

Americas | March 2019

How to Develop and Implement an Effective Cloud Assurance Program for Government

Join FireEye’s Ron Bushar, Vice President & CTO - Government Solutions, as he shares steps and best practices to building a cloud assurance program.

Global | March 2019

M-Trends 2019 - Trends Behind Today's Cyber Attacks

Explore the latest developments behind today’s attacker techniques, behaviors, and motivations sourced from this year’s M-Trends 2019 Report, our annual publication based on FireEye Mandiant’s frontline investigations of the most interesting and impactful cyber attacks in 2018.

Global | March 2019

The BIG Cyber Security Skills Gap

During this webinar we will discuss the benefits and challenges of in-house vs. outsourcing of cyber security operations, and how this has been affected by a cyber-skills shortage within the industry with ‘on-demand’ resource being readily available when needed with real time insight and expertise of cyber breaches.

Global | March 2019

The Email Security Goal: ONE Single Solution

FireEye research recently indicated that an average of 14 thousand malicious emails per month were being missed by most email security solutions. Email is the number one threat vector and with impersonation and credential phishing or URL-based attacks on the rise your email security solution must keep up with the evolving threat landscape.

Global | March 2019

Ask the Expert - M-Trends 2019: Trends Behind Today’s Most Impactful Breaches and Cyber Attacks

Learn more about the latest developments from the newly launched M-Trends 2019 report. Get direct insight from Jurgen Kutscher, Executive Vice President, Service Delivery, FireEye as he highlights some of the report’s most interesting and impactful findings.

EMEA | March 2019

MITRE ATT&CK Evaluation Framework Analysis

During this session, our EMEA CTO David Grout will present the MITRE Methodology and how to interpret it. We will discuss the metrics and capabilities highlighted during this process and how FireEye has been ranked the number #1 EDR in this test.

Global | Februrary 2019

Top 5 Cloud Security Myths Debunked

Through 2022, at least 95% of cloud security failures are predicted to be the customer’s fault (Gartner). But change how you think about cloud security, and you can be a success story. Watch this webinar to help debunk several common myths that jeopardize your fast, secure, migration to the cloud.

Global | February 2019

How to Build Intelligence-Led Security Capabilities

To manage cyber risk effectively, you need cyber threat intelligence (CTI) that enables your organization to identify relevant threats and understand how threat actors operate. This webinar shares current practices.

Global | February 2019

The Best Way to Assess Incident Response Preparedness

Many breached organizations believed they had effective security programs and incident response plans. Reality proved otherwise. Join this webinar to learn how to achieve effective preparation.

APAC | January 2019

The Cyber Security Skills Gap

During this webinar we will be covering how the industry has been affected by a cyber-skills shortage and the challenges of inhouse vs. outsourcing of cyber security operations.