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Global | October 2019

The Shifting Balance: Expertise, Automation & Cybersecurity

AI machine or human expert? Learn how to identify which approach to take when solving cybersecurity challenges.

Global | October 2019

Ransomware Cripples Local Governments: Prepare and Respond

Learn how to protect the government sector's most important assets from ransomware attacks and steps to remediate.

Global | September 2019

FireEye Chat - Front and Center on SOC optimization

Hear FireEye experts firsthand, share why you need to work smarter, not harder when it comes to SOC optimization.

Global | September 2019

Solutions for Effective Network Security in the Cloud

Hear industry experts share how you can ensure that data flowing into the cloud doesn’t leave an opening for attackers.

Americas | September 2019

Keeping Local Governments Safe from Ransomware

Hear how local government leaders can protect their most important assets from ransomware attacks.

Global | September 2019

More Cloud, More Problems?

Join this webinar to ensure that your organization’s cloud strategy is less of a problem than you might think.

Global | September 2019

Cyber Threats Impacting Healthcare Today

Hear FireEye and Beazley present a webinar that discusses the latest breach and threat landscape trends in Healthcare.

Americas | August 2019

Higher Ed Cyber Threats

Hear experts share what you need to know to better defend your campus.

Americas | August 2019

Protecting the Academy: Cyber Threats for Higher Education

Find out more about the top cyber threats facing higher education institutions today.

Global | August 2019

Double Dragon: APT41, an espionage & crime operation

Learn more about FireEye’s newly named threat group, APT41 and why they are a threat to contend with.

Global | August 2019

Ask the Expert Interview at BlackHat | Ground Truth about the Cyber Skills Shortage

Cyber security practitioners are already at a disadvantage in the asymmetric battle for the fate of their company’s and customers’ networks and have much to teach the rest of us about how organizations can overcome the shortfall. Watch expert Danny Slack, as he talks about stories and strategies from the cyber defender’s perspective.

Global | August 2019

Expert Panel at BlackHat | CISO's Toolbox: Strategies for Success

Watch this recording of industry experts at BlackHat 2019, share what CISOs need to be successful at their job, discover the challenges CISOs are facing and the ways they are solving them, plus many more interesting insights.

Global | July 2019

FireEye Chat | Front and Center with Colin Carmichael and Jason Martin on the Cybersecurity Skills Shortage

The rise of technology, combined with more complex cyber security products and cyber threats, have gradually increased the demand for experienced, trained experts to fill a growing number of critical security roles in industry and government worldwide.

Americas | June 2019

Interview: Tim Appleby on Cloud Security Solutions for Government

Recorded live at the AWS Public Sector Summit 2019, Tim Appleby, Director of Federal Programs at FireEye discusses how the public sector is embracing cloud and managing risk.

Americas | June 2019

Interview: Martin Holste on the Future of Security in the Cloud

Recorded live at the AWS Public Sector Summit 2019, Martin Holste, Cloud Services CTO at FireEye discusses the future of security in the cloud.

Americas | June 2019

Recorded live at the AWS Public Sector Summit: Cloud Security Breakfast Briefing

Tune in to this video, which features event highlights and tips from our panel of cloud security subject matter experts at the recent AWS Public Sector Summit.

Americas | June 2019

Recorded live at the AWS Public Sector Summit: Top 5 Cloud Myths Busted

See a recorded video presentation from the Cloud Security Breakfast Briefing, hosted by FireEye and AWS, as Martin Holste, Cloud Services CTO at FireEye helps debunk several common myths that jeopardize your fast, secure, migration to the cloud.

Americas | June 2019

Cloud Security Solutions for Government: Recorded at AWS Public Sector Summit

In this briefing, hear experts from AWS and FireEye address how organizations can achieve the security needed to protect user credentials, proactively identify vulnerabilities and centralize security monitoring.

Americas | June 2019

AWS Public Sector Summit: Cloud Security and the Shared Responsibility Model

Watch Stephen Alexander, National Security Senior Solutions Architect at AWS as he discusses driving cloud security and understanding the shared responsibility model.

Americas | June 2019

Recorded at the AWS Public Sector Summit: Government Cloud Adoption

In this video, Tim Appleby, FireEye's Director of Federal Programs discusses government cloud adoption and how to develop and Implement an effective cloud assurance program.

Global | June 2019

FireEye Virtual Summit | Cyber Security Resilience, Research and Results

Every year, the Virtual Summit showcases the efforts of FireEye experts on the frontlines of cyber conflict around the world. Our professionals bring the best of their strategies and tactics, best practices, research and analysis, to help your organization more effectively prepare for and respond to malicious threats and attackers.

Global | June 2019

How FireEye Protects FireEye

FireEye relentlessly protects its customers. But who protects FireEye? Join us for an overview of how FireEye uses its own products and services to protect itself from the same threats faced by customers.

Global | June 2019

Help, my users have been hacked! What happened and how do I respond?

Watch this webinar as we take a closer look at the discovery of credential harvesting and multiple compromised clients from a single compromised endpoint. Learn how investigation can be used to find and contain the impact of a breach in nearly any environment.

Global | June 2019

A Review of Cyber Resilience -- Past, Present, and Future

While cyber-attacks are inevitable, proper preparation is the essential element that sets resilient organizations apart from the rest in managing risk, minimizing damage, and recovering quickly from any incidents. Join us as we discuss three strategic imperatives to strengthen cyber resilience

Global | June 2019

The Cyber Skills Gap: A Practitioner’s Perspective

The shortage of cybersecurity workers is a growing concern for the teams who are directly responsible for protecting the organization against cyber threats. Watch this webinar for a look at the unforeseen challenges and consequences of the growing cyber skills gap, especially around protecting against advanced threats.

Global | June 2019

Simplifying Security Operations with ONE Platform

Managing security operations is a challenge, and the technologies most organizations are using don’t provide the visibility, detection efficacy, or context they need. Organizations need a single solution that centralizes their security management, provides visibility, and allows them to quickly respond to threats with automation.

Global | June 2019

Cyber Threats and Elections: What You Need to Know

Election security has become a growing priority for governments and citizens alike on a global scale. Join this webinar to uncover the differing threats facing entities within an election’s ecosystem.

Global | June 2019

How To Train Your Email Security Dragon

The numbers make stark reading. 281 billion emails sent daily to over two billion business users. 91% of all cyber-attacks start with an email and it only takes ONE with malicious intent to impact your organization. With evolving methods used by the adversary, it’s becoming increasingly difficult not to get burned. Learn more about how you can better protect your organization.

Global | June 2019

Green Demon Denied

A great Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service knows when real, malicious threat actors are hiding their footprints amongst Red Team activity. In this war story, we discuss how Managed Defense, FireEye's MDR service, deals with such situations.

Global | June 2019

Using Risk Management to Optimize Cybersecurity Costs

Cyber risk management is a strategic priority for executive leaders worldwide, though many organizations find it challenging to accurately anticipate, prioritize, and forecast risk mitigation costs. In this webinar, we highlight how to help executives effectively implement cyber risk management practices today.

Global | June 2019

APT Groups: How They Think, What They Want, and How to Fight Them

Hear David Grout, FireEye EMEA Chief Technology Officer explain how effective cyber threat intelligence (CTI) helps you understand APT groups’ intents and tactics so you can stay ahead of attacks, instead of just reacting to them.

Global | June 2019

A Red Team Case Study

Join this webinar, to get a case study detailed in the FireEye M-Trends 2019 report, where consultants performed an objective-based assessment that emulated a real cyber attack of an advanced, nation state attacker across the entire attack lifecycle

Global | June 2019

Threat Intelligence on the Frontlines

Staying ahead of attacks, instead of merely reacting, is the heart of cyber threat intelligence. To illustrate the importance of these capabilities don't miss the latest real-world intelligence findings that have impacted the industry.

Americas | May 2019

Defensive Security Techniques You Can Use Now

Get a deep dive on a number of technical and programmatic defensive trends and best practices to help you prepare for incidents and mitigate their impact.

Americas | May 2019

Understanding, Combating, and Identifying Insider Threats for Government

Learn why organizations must stay vigilant against external threats while keeping a keen eye on the risk that insider threats pose.

Global | April 2019

The Role of the General Counsel in Cyber Security Decision-Making

In this video, Alexa King, EVP and General Counsel sits down with Karen Kukoda, FireEye Senior Director of Strategic Alliances, to discuss not only the role the General Counsel plays in cyber security, but also the duties of the board of directors in overseeing cyber security.

Americas | April 2019

Higher Education Cyber Threat Report Webinar

Examine the current risk environment – based on data from the latest FireEye M-Trends report – and unpack what it means for higher education professionals. We’ll offer fresh insights for understanding and preventing advanced attacks and give practical advice for reducing your cyber risk.

Global | April 2019

A 360-Degree View of the Latest APT Groups

Get a high-level overview on how nation-state interests are driving APT activity and insight into the most recent APT groups investigated by FireEye.

Americas | March 2019

Code Triage: Why Healthcare is Facing More Cyber Attacks and How to Protect Your Organization

Learn more about what healthcare security teams need to understand to battle the unique security concerns they face.

Global | March 2019

Defending Against Cyber Threats

Join this expert panel as they discuss the latest industry topics including: Top 5 cyber threats businesses face today, Notable cyber attack methods and strategies and how to protect against them, Solutions for network visibility, breach detection and response, Recommendations for improving security and steps to take today.

Global | March 2019

FireEye Chat - Front and Center with Kevin Mandia and the Evolution of M-Trends

Our inaugural episode celebrates the 10-year anniversary of M-Trends, our annual report on the latest developments that define today’s threat landscape. Join host Vasu Jakkal, FireEye CMO and special guest Kevin Mandia, FireEye CEO as they discuss the report’s origin story and the people behind it.

Americas | March 2019

How to Develop and Implement an Effective Cloud Assurance Program for Government

Join FireEye’s Ron Bushar, Vice President & CTO - Government Solutions, as he shares steps and best practices to building a cloud assurance program.

Global | March 2019

M-Trends 2019 - Trends Behind Today's Cyber Attacks

Explore the latest developments behind today’s attacker techniques, behaviors, and motivations sourced from this year’s M-Trends 2019 Report, our annual publication based on FireEye Mandiant’s frontline investigations of the most interesting and impactful cyber attacks in 2018.

Global | March 2019

The BIG Cyber Security Skills Gap

During this webinar we will discuss the benefits and challenges of in-house vs. outsourcing of cyber security operations, and how this has been affected by a cyber-skills shortage within the industry with ‘on-demand’ resource being readily available when needed with real time insight and expertise of cyber breaches.

Global | March 2019

The Email Security Goal: ONE Single Solution

FireEye research recently indicated that an average of 14 thousand malicious emails per month were being missed by most email security solutions. Email is the number one threat vector and with impersonation and credential phishing or URL-based attacks on the rise your email security solution must keep up with the evolving threat landscape.

Global | March 2019

Ask the Expert - M-Trends 2019: Trends Behind Today’s Most Impactful Breaches and Cyber Attacks

Learn more about the latest developments from the newly launched M-Trends 2019 report. Get direct insight from Jurgen Kutscher, Executive Vice President, Service Delivery, FireEye as he highlights some of the report’s most interesting and impactful findings.

EMEA | March 2019

MITRE ATT&CK Evaluation Framework Analysis

During this session, our EMEA CTO David Grout will present the MITRE Methodology and how to interpret it. We will discuss the metrics and capabilities highlighted during this process and how FireEye has been ranked the number #1 EDR in this test.

Global | Februrary 2019

Top 5 Cloud Security Myths Debunked

Through 2022, at least 95% of cloud security failures are predicted to be the customer’s fault (Gartner). But change how you think about cloud security, and you can be a success story. Watch this webinar to help debunk several common myths that jeopardize your fast, secure, migration to the cloud.

Global | February 2019

How to Build Intelligence-Led Security Capabilities

To manage cyber risk effectively, you need cyber threat intelligence (CTI) that enables your organization to identify relevant threats and understand how threat actors operate. This webinar shares current practices.

Global | February 2019

The Best Way to Assess Incident Response Preparedness

Many breached organizations believed they had effective security programs and incident response plans. Reality proved otherwise. Join this webinar to learn how to achieve effective preparation.

APAC | January 2019

The Cyber Security Skills Gap

During this webinar we will be covering how the industry has been affected by a cyber-skills shortage and the challenges of inhouse vs. outsourcing of cyber security operations.

APAC | December 2018

Big-Guy Security for the Little Guy

The targeting of third-party vendors and contractors is a tactic threat actors are increasingly using to spy on hardened targets. Attend this session to learn about threat actors potentially using these tactics.

Global | December 2018

Facing Forward: Cyber Security in 2019 and Beyond

Hear various topics discussed in our Facing Forward report, which was developed based on insights from our senior leaders, FireEye Threat Intelligence, Mandiant incident responders, and FireEye Labs.

Global | December 2018

Navigating Today’s Global Cyber Regulations – Regional Perspectives

Join our panel of experts as they share their security and legal expertise about the executive perspectives on the huge impact changing security regulations has on how organizations are thinking about cyber security.

APAC | November 2018

APT38: Un-usual Suspects

Hear this detailed discussion as we cover APT38, a newly identified cyber-crime organization that has attempted to steal over $1.1 billion by attacking more than 16 financial organizations in 13 different countries.

Global | November 2018

Cloud Cover: How Providers, Customers & Criminals Leverage the Cloud

Join us for this webinar, hosted at the MISTI Security Analytics and Operations eSummit, as our experts discuss risk mitigation for cloud service customers based on case studies and best practices.

Global | November 2018

Leading with Threat Intelligence – How to Select the Right Security Provider

Hear Nick Flores, Security Consulting Director at FireEye Mandiant, as he shares insights and expertise on what you need to consider when evaluating how to select the right security partner for your organization.

Global | November 2018

Machine Learning: A Crystal Ball for Endpoint Protection

As part of the MISTI Endpoint eSummit, hear how machine learning is driving the evolution of endpoint protection and learn about examples of ML models running in research and production.

Global | November 2018

Securing Office 365 from Attackers

Did you know that attackers are using Office’s eDiscovery features to search for sensitive data? FireEye has rules that look specifically for eDiscovery use and exports, which are generally rare. 

APAC | November 2018


在網絡世界中攻擊者使用人工智能(AI)將導致攻擊更具針對性,影響更多人,並造成更大傷害。 資安專業人員必須了解這沖突對未來攻擊有什麼含意。

APAC | November 2018


許多現代網絡攻擊通常繞過防火牆和其他外圍防禦,讓資安人員發揮“打擊鼴鼠”的作用,盡可能快速有效地擊敗威脅。 網絡取證策略可以讓資安團隊了解網絡流量,並讓他們快速找到隱藏在其網絡中的威脅。

Global | October 2018

Are you Ready to Handle a Cyber Crisis?

Executives and their stakeholders should all be intimately aware of the Breach Response Plan and practice their tasks regularly through a Cyber Breach Simulation, or Tabletop Exercise.

Global | October 2018

Autopsy of a real ICS case – TRITON

Hear our expert provide insights into the technical framework details and the potential outcomes of TRITON.

Global | October 2018

Connecting the Dots: the Importance of an Integrated Security Solution

With most security solutions equipped to solve only narrow problems, it has become normal to deploy many technologies. Join us as we share how to better connect the dots of your integrated solution.

Global | October 2018

Cyber Resilience Virtual Summit

Join the FireEye Cyber Resilience Virtual Summit to learn how the combination of technology, threat intelligence and expertise can help you develop the cyber resilience you need.

Global | October 2018

Cyber Security in Today's IoT World

Join us for this webinar as we address the top security and privacy issues in IoT devices, the threats that are targeting them and recommendations for possible solutions.

Global | October 2018

Cyber Security Risk Management – New Methods to Gain Control

Hear our expert panel share their security and legal expertise on new risk management methods to generate realistic risk forecasts, effective metrics techniques, and a clear roadmap for capability improvements

Global | October 2018

Evolving to an Intel-led Security Organization

Come hear from our experts about what threat intelligence can do for you, and hear from a FireEye customer who has made this journey, transforming its security operations to be intelligence-led.

Global | October 2018

FireEye Global Threat Response – How we Protect the World

This presentation will highlight how FireEye, Mandiant, and Threat Intelligence work seamlessly together in a global cyber threat event to bring our best against the world's most advanced cyber threat actors.

Global | October 2018

Fly True: Aim for Cyber Readiness with Aviation-Specific Threat Insights

Join Christopher Porter, the chief intelligence strategist at FireEye, as he shares the topics he covered from his expert congressional testimony on the important role cybersecurity plays in national aviation security.

Global | October 2018

How to Elevate Security as a Boardroom Priority

This webinar explores the gap between security and business risk, and examines the opportunities for alignment in Digital Trust, as a prerequisite for digital transformation.

EMEA | October 2018

Privacy & Security in the Age of IoT

Join privacy and cyber security experts for a roundtable discussion on the vulnerabilities and risks stemming from IoT devices, best practices, future outlook, safeguards and much more. 

Global | October 2018

Responding to Evolving Threats With People, Intelligence & Technology

In this expert panel discussion, learn how threats are evolving, how companies are becoming more proactive, and how technology is changing to provide greater protection, detection and response.

EMEA | October 2018

The BIG Cyber Security Skills Gap

Gain insights on the benefits and challenges of inhouse vs. outsourcing of cyber security operations and how this has been effected by a cyber-skills shortage within the industry.

Global | October 2018

The Double-Edged Sword of Cloud Security

In many ways, public cloud is more secure than a traditional data center. Yet the cloud is still being compromised. We discuss the challenges in Cloud Security and how to design an effective strategy to tackle them.

Global | October 2018

What Executives Should Know about Cyber AI

AI is a transformative technology that provides organizations with better cyber defense tools but also helps adversaries improve methods of attack. Join to better understand how AI will impact cyber security.

Global | October 2018

Your Breach Readiness Master Plan: Take the Sting out of a Cyber Attack

“Do you know how your team will respond to and remediate a cyber-attack,” is a question that all C-suite leaders should be able to answer. Join our experts as they share insights to help build a solid master plan.

APAC | October 2018


人工智能(AI)為企業提供了更好的方法來保護他們的系統,但它也為黑客提供了更好的方法來破壞這些系統。 企業需要了解AI在依賴網絡防御之前如何影響網絡安全。

APAC | October 2018

智慧端點防護的新境界: 超越一般防病毒產品

數十年來,防病毒(AV)保護已成為端點安全的基礎,儘管存在已知的防護差距。 為了應對不斷變化的威脅,組織需要一個可以加強防禦的集成端點解決方案。

APAC | September 2018

Cyber Silver Bullets and Snake Oil: Knowing the Problem is Half the Battle

Strong synergy is required between technology capability and human expertise. This presentation uncovers the real challenges faced by organizations using a real-world case study, RCBC.

EMEA | September 2018

How to Identify and Respond to Laterally Moving Threats

Top experts discuss how to: monitor the perimeter effectively and catch threats; identify threats, even when encrypted; monitor the network to identify and stop laterally moving threats; protect your organization.

EMEA | September 2018

Keeping Up with Advanced Attackers: Understanding Threats and Adapting Defences

Get insights into recent APT intrusion activity from different regional threat actors, current attack techniques that have been successful, as well as detections and investigations conducted by Mandiant.

EMEA | September 2018

SOAR above your legacy Security Operations Center

In this session, we tour a typical Security Operations Center (SOC) and study the day to day activities, then explore the various challenges, and wrap with an outlook at the future of Security Operations.

EMEA | September 2018

Trends in Data Breaches and Comprehensive Response

Discover best practices for breach response and how to strengthen your organization's cyber resilience through this Q&A panel with top security experts as they discuss the latest trends in data breach protection.

APAC | September 2018

You're Hacked and You Know It: Incident Response is my Better Half

Watch the webinar to uncover what are the real challenges faced by organizations and uses a real-world case study, Cybersecurity Malaysia, as a backdrop to outline the solutions.

APAC | September 2018


人工智能(AI)是一種變革性的雙用途技術,可以為組織提供更好的網絡防禦工具,並幫助對手改進攻擊方法。 更有效地了解人工智能的當前和未來潛力﹔將有助於用戶了解相關新興技術如何影響他們的業務。

EMEA | August 2018

Financial Services: Cyber Threats on the Horizon

Join us for a lively video panel exchange, which provides executive insights for critical topics relevant to the financial services industry.

APAC | August 2018

IDC names FireEye as a Leader - MarketScape: APAC Threat Lifecycle Services 2018

Learn how FireEye addresses the challenges highlighted in IDC’s MarketScape report with  access to unique threat intelligence, collated from all the breaches we have been investigating around the world.

APAC | August 2018

模仿電郵威脅 – 層出不窮的面具

您始終無法相信電子郵件的發件人真正發送了它。 模仿威脅正變得越來越流行,用戶也難以發現。

APAC | July 2018

AI and the Future of Cyber Conflict

Join us as our experts discusses the changing geopolitical landscape as threat actors develop and implement AI capabilities, as well as the use of AI applications in businesses and associated vulnerabilities.

EMEA | July 2018

Breach Response Preparedness (Webinar Series)

Why do organizations keep failing at IR? How do I maximize the efficiency of my resources? Join our 3-part series on state-of-the-art incident investigation techniques and breach response strategies.

EMEA | July 2018

Cyber Security in Europe: An Executive Perspective

Cyber breaches are inevitable because attackers constantly change their tools, techniques and procedures (TTPs). Join us for a live video panel on trending topics in cyber security.

EMEA | July 2018

How to Build a Robust Threat Intel Function

Watch this interview with Sandra Joyce, head of global threat intel, and Igors Konovalovs, Director for Threat Intelligence EMEA, as they answer some of the most pressing questions about cyber threat intelligence.

APAC | July 2018

How To Manage Your Risk with Threat Intelligence

The right threat intelligence can help drive business efficiencies by proactively assessing and managing risks. Find out how threat intelligence helps you stay on top of an evolving threat landscape.

Global | July 2018

Impersonation: The Many Masks of Email Threats

You can’t always trust that the sender of your email truly sent it. Impersonation threats are becoming more popular and difficult to spot. Hear our expert dig into the details behind impersonation attacks.

APAC | July 2018

TEMP.Periscope Surfaces in Cambodia: A Chinese espionage operation

FireEye revealed an extensive cyber espionage carried out by China-linked TEMP.Periscope which targeted Cambodia’s political system. Join us to learn more about their mission, techniques and procedures.

Global | July 2018

The Attacker's Invoice: Real Costs of a Cyber Breach

Cyber breaches that result in data loss are often accompanied by heavy costs—some are obvious, while others are not. Our experts break down the costs of a breach and explain how to estimate the business impact.

Global | June 2018

Discover the Hidden Threats With Network Forensics

Many modern cyber attacks routinely bypass firewalls and other perimeter defenses. Gain insight on how to increase visibility into network traffic and quickly find threats hiding in your network.

Americas | June 2018

How Government Agencies are Facing Cyber Security Challenges

Cyber threats continue to have an outsized impact on government agency operations. Hear more about how you can better secure sensitive information and protect your organization's vital infrastructure.

Global | June 2018

Impersonation Attacks: The New Email Based Threats

The email threat landscape is changing. Join Ken Bagnall, VP Email Security, FireEye and Levi Lloyd, Sr. Manager, Detection Services, who addresses the latest changes in email attack tactics.

APAC | June 2018

M-Trends 2018 – 了解現今的網路攻擊趨勢

每年 FireEye 旗下之 Mandiant 公司顧問回應來自全球各地威脅組織的各種網路事件。在年度 M-Trends 報告中摘要了這些經驗,並在報告中探索資安攻擊情勢的變化。

APAC | June 2018

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in the Cyber Domain

AI offers businesses better ways to defend their systems, but it also offers hackers better ways to compromise those systems. Join to understand how AI impacts cyber security before you rely on it.

Global | May 2018

AI and the Future of Cyber Conflict

Join the conversation as our experts discusses the changing geopolitical landscape as threat actors develop and implement AI capabilities, as well as the use of AI applications in businesses and associated vulnerabilities.

APAC | May 2018

Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Warfare: A Primer

AI can provide better cyber defense tools and help adversaries improve methods of attack. A better understanding of AI will help users see how related emerging technologies can affect their business.

EMEA | May 2018

Cryptocurrencies: Trends and Threats

Cyber criminals have always been attracted to cryptocurrencies. Join host David Grout, Technical Director for Southern Europe, to discuss the latest cryptocurrency threats and trends.

Global | May 2018

Rise of the Rest: APT Groups No Longer From Just China and Russia

As part of the MISTI APT eSummit, Executive Briefer, Sarah Geary talks about the threat actors associated with the Chinese and Russian government, and how they remain among the most sophisticated.

Global | April 2018

Artificial Intelligence in the Cyber Domain

AI offers businesses better ways to defend their systems, but also offers hackers better ways to compromise those systems. Join to understand how AI will impact cyber security before you rely on it.

EMEA | April 2018

How To Make the Cyber Risk Message a Board's Priority

Join us for an executive panel with our EMEA VP & regional leaders as they discuss insights on how CISOs take the risk message to the board and how to translate technical jargon into business language.

Global | April 2018

M-Trends 2018 - Understanding Today's Cyber Attack Trends

FireEye Mandiant responds to a variety of cyber incidents by threat groups around the world. This experience is summarized in the annual M-Trends report, exploring changes in the threat landscape.

Global | April 2018

The Real Cost of Data Breaches

The GDPR implementation and its penalties for non-compliance will impact the costs to organizations. During this session we share insights into the damage attackers typically cause and what steps you can take.

Global | March 2018

Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Warfare: A Primer

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a transformative dual-use technology that can provide organizations with better cyber defense tools and help adversaries improve methods of attack.

Global | March 2018

Breach Response Readiness: What the C-Suite Needs to Know

Learn the important role the C-suite leaders need to know to help protect vital assets, safeguard privacy and ensure uninterrupted operations. 

Global | March 2018

Building a Secure Future for Women in Cyber Security

Lack of diversity is a large issue faced by the cyber security industry. Making the industry more appealing to women and retaining female talent are challenges for the cyber workforce.

APAC | March 2018

Exclusive Q&A session: APT37

Find out more about APT37 with an exclusive 30-minute Q&A session with the presenter, Benjamin Read, Senior Manager, Cyber Espionage at FireEye.

EMEA | March 2018

Hitting the Jackpot: Cybercriminals' Persistent Interest in ATM Exploitation Ops

Join this webinar to learn about the marketplace dynamics enabling ATM jackpotting, common TTPs used by criminals, and what organizations can do to mitigate risk.

EMEA | March 2018

How to Cope with GDPR Strict Breach Reporting Rules

With speed of response being critical, you need a trusted partner to enable rapid notification and provide support for any subsequent action. Learn how FireEye can help you meet GDPR requirements.

APAC | March 2018

Mandatory Breach Disclosure and your Corporate Communications Strategy

In February 2018, Mandatory Data Breach Notification legislation took effect in Australia. It introduced unique challenges to the already difficult task of managing external communications after a cyber attack.

APAC | February 2018

APT37: The Overlooked North Korean Threat

FireEye has tracked APT37 since 2015 as TEMP.Reaper and shared details on its activities with our intelligence customers. Join us to gain our unique insights to better understand APT37.

APAC | February 2018

Cyber Evolution: En Route to Strengthening Resilience in Asia-Pacific

As trusted cyber advisers, FireEye and Marsh & McLennan Companies – each a leader in its field – have collaborated to share their insights to help organizations build and strengthen their enterprise cyber resilience.

EMEA | January 2018

Cyber Security Predictions: What is in Store for the EMEA Regions

2017 was an eventful year in cyberspace, especially in Europe and the surrounding areas. Join us as we discuss various aspects about the cyber threat landscape in the EMEA region.

EMEA | December 2017

APT34 - New Targeted Attack in the Middle East

Join us as we discuss this threat group whom we assess to be working on behalf of the Iranian Government, with a mission that would benefit nation-state geopolitical and economic needs.

EMEA | December 2017

Cyber Security Predictions: What is in store for the EMEA region

Join us for this webinar as Jens Monrad, Senior Intelligence Account Analyst with FireEye, discusses various aspects about the cyber threat landscape in the EMEA region in 2018.

APAC | December 2017

It’s Time to Build Your Breach Response Plan

Learn how to assess your risk profile, evaluate your operational strengths and weaknesses as well as your tactical approach to responding to co-ordinated, targeted attacks.

Global | December 2017

Security Predictions for 2018

Join Luke McNamara, Senior Analyst at FireEye, as he shares a glimpse into cyber security in 2018, with insights drawn from our senior leaders, Mandiant incident responders, FireEye Intelligence and FireEye Labs. 

APAC | December 2017

Security Predictions for 2018: An APAC Viewpoint

As the sun sets on 2017, the major trends, biggest breaches and latest innovations provide us insight into the future. Join Bryce Boland, Asia Pacific CTO at FireEye, to learn what the future holds.

APAC | November 2017

Are APAC organisations response-ready to a data breach?

Join us for a discussion on the importance of being breach ready, and how being proactive in your incident preparedness is essential and could save you from devastating cost.

Global | October 2017

Breach Resilience Virtual Summit

Visit the ‘Breach Resilience virtual summit to find out how to address the entire security operations lifecycle — every critical issue before, during and after an attack.

EMEA | September 2017

APT33: New Insights into Iranian Cyber Espionage Group

Join this webinar as we discuss this threat group whom we asses to be involved in a long-term, resource intensive cyber espionage operation motivated by the prospect of collecting strategic intelligence.

APAC | August 2017

Why FireEye Threat Analytics is Integral to a Complete Cyber Defence

Join us for "Why FireEye Threat Analytics is Integral to a Complete Cyber Defense," part of the Simplifying Security Webinar Series, presented by Christian Frain.

Global | July 2017

Are You Ready to Respond?

Join FireEye Mandiant experts, as they cover 6 primary areas of focus for an effective response plan and examples of how deficiencies in any area reduce an organization’s ability to effectively detect and respond.

EMEA | June 2017

 6 Hidden Security Risks for Industrial Environments

Join our webcast to discuss 6 key plant floor weaknesses that adversaries exploit to undermine plant operations and explore a step-by-step checklist for mitigating these risks firsthand with our experts.

EMEA | June 2017

The Resurgence of APT10

APT10, also known as MenuPass Group, have historically targeted the United States, Europe, and Japan with a specific focus on construction, engineering, aerospace, telecom, and government.

Global | May 2017

Cyber Espionage is Alive and Well: APT32 and the Threat to Global Corporations

Learn more about APT32, a Southeast Asian cyber espionage group threatening multi-national companies operating in Vietnam. FireEye has given this threat actor the newest APT designation.

EMEA | May 2017

Fighting Ransomware & Responding if the Worst Happens

This expert video panel will be discussing the ransomware landscape, what you can do to better protect your business from the threat and steps to take should the worst happen.

EMEA | May 2017

Securing Finance: Lessons Learnt So Far

Join Mandiant’s live webinar and hear real world experts as they discuss recent interbanking messaging system breaches, what lessons should be learnt, and how to avoid such pitfalls in the future.

Global | May 2017

WannaCry Ransomware Campaign: Threat Details and Risk Management

The WannaCry ransomware campaign posed a high risk to all organizations using potentially vulnerable Windows machines. In this webinar, find out how the ransomware works and what we’ve observed.

EMEA | May 2017

Aktuelle Trends bei Sicherheitsverletzungen und Cyberangriffen in DACH

In diesem Live-Webinar stellt Sven Schriewer, Director, FireEye, die Beobachtungen und Schlussfolgerungen der Experten von Mandiant aus der Untersuchung einiger der schwerwiegendsten Cyberangriffe und Sicherheitsverletzungen des vergangenen Jahres vor.

EMEA | May 2017

Attacchi cyber in EMEA: i nuovi trend

Partecipa al webinar con Gabriele Zanoni, Systems Engineer di FireEye, per scoprire come si sta evolvendo il panorama delle minacce sulla base dei dati sui cyber attacchi dello scorso anno, rilevati dalle investigazioni.

EMEA | May 2017

Tendances et chiffres sur les fuites d’information et les attaques Cyber en EMEA

Rejoignez-nous pour un webinaire avec David Grout, Directeur Technique Europe du Sud, qui explorera les tendances qui définissent le paysage actuel des menaces en se basant sur les investigations en 2016.

EMEA | April 2017

From Incident Response to a Continuous Monitoring & Active Threat Hunting

With over 13 years of front-line experience dealing with advanced threat actors from around the globe, our Mandiant team know how the bad guys think and can help you win the battle against cyber attackers.

APAC | April 2017

M-Trends 2017: Trends Behind Today's Breaches & Cyber Attacks | APAC Spotlight

Watch the webinar as the Mandiant team explores trends that define today’s threat landscape based on Mandiant’s investigation of the year’s successful cyber attacks.

Global | April 2017

10 Security Best Practices for Government Organizations

Government networks, critical infrastructure and data are under a constant state of attack. Hacktivists, nation states, and cyber criminals push Government cyber defenses to their breaking points.

Global | March 2017

APT28: At the Center of the Storm

Since at least 2007, APT28 has conducted operations using a sophisticated set of malware that employs a flexible, modular framework allowing it to consistently evolve its toolset for future operations.

EMEA | March 2017

Operationalizing Threat Intelligence

Learn how intelligence-led organizations globally apply threat intelligence to prioritize vulnerability patching, accelerate incident response, reveal strategic risks and plan cyber security investments.

EMEA | March 2017

Threat Hunters in Action

This live panel will focus on the tools and techniques threat hunters use to patrol your networks, mitigate threats and remove unwanted presence.

EMEA | March 2017

Une approche proactive et intelligente de la sécurité

Apporter de l’automatisation, de la contextualisation et de l’intelligence dans les process de détection et de réaction est clef pour gagner en vitesse et en précision et permettre ainsi une sécurité efficiente, capable d’anticiper et non plus de subir les cybermenaces.

Global | February 2017

Containing the Career Impact of Cybercrime

Please join us as FireEye and HPE Chief Technology Officers reveal a five-point tactical plan to mitigate risk and keep your reputation intact.

Global | February 2017

Securing Industrial Control System (ICS) - What you need to know

Our Mandiant Industrial Control Systems (ICS) practice will discuss findings which have been captured over recent ICS security engagements which highlight critical security areas for customers.

Global | February 2017

Two-Factor, Too Furious: Subverting (and Protecting) Multi-factor Authentication

Get a quick intro to the problems faced with common MFA systems, the ways real-world attackers (e.g. APT28 & ATP29) and our Red Team have bypassed or subverted them, and some techniques your team can use.

Global | January 2017

Financial Impact of Data Breaches

Cyber threats are constantly evolving, increasing in both sophistication and how they impact victims. In this webinar, we will discuss real-world incidents and steps to minimize the financial impact of a data breach.