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December 2017

  • Cyber Security Predictions: What is in store for the EMEA region2017 was an eventful year in cyberspace, especially in Europe and the surrounding areas. We saw politically motivated industrial espionage attacks, changes in cyber legislation, a constantly adapting criminal ecosystem targeting various industries throughout the region – and that’s not even the half of it. Hear from Jens Monrad, Senior Intelligence Account Analyst with FireEye, discuss various aspects about the cyber threat landscape in the EMEA region in 2018.
  • Security Predictions for 2018: An APAC ViewpointAs the sun sets on 2017, the major trends, biggest breaches and latest innovations provide us with a sense for what the future will bring. Join Bryce Boland, Asia Pacific CTO at FireEye, to learn what the future holds for the Asia Pacific and EMEA regions.
  • Security Predictions for 2018Join Luke McNamara, Senior Analyst at FireEye, as he shares a glimpse into cyber security in 2018, with insights drawn from our senior leaders, Mandiant incident responders, FireEye iSIGHT Intelligence and FireEye Labs. Several timely topics will be covered in detail, including what types of nation-state activity we will be seeing, what new regulations such as GDPR mean for organizations and how to ensure a secure environment as more organizations migrate to the cloud.
  • The Convergence of EPP and EDR: Tomorrow’s Solution TodayAttend this webinar to understand the unique differences between EPP and EDR, gain insight into the benefits of convergence of these two approaches to advanced cyber threat protection and learn how FireEye can help your organization. implement a revolutionary, holistic approach to endpoint security.

November 2017

  • Emerging Global Cyber Threats Cyber crime that affects businesses can be directly connected to geopolitical drivers such as the nuclear deal with Iran and sanctions for North Korean proliferation. Your organization needs to ensure that it adapts to the realities of the evolving threat landscape and business risks. Watch John Hultquist, Director of Intelligence Analysis at FireEye, provide an overview of emerging threats from around the world and insights into the most impactful threats affecting your cyber security operations.
  • Cyber Defense Lessons Learned in 2017 for a More Secure 2018Looking back at news headlines leaves us asking two questions: What didn’t work in cyber defense in 2017? What can be done to be better prepared for future attacks? This webinar will address those questions and many others. Tune in to learn about the more disruptive opportunistic attacks in 2017, and the advanced and increasingly frequent attacks being carried out by nation-states.
  • 2017 - An Active Year for APT Groups2017 is already one of the most prolific years in terms of APT activity. Indeed, since the beginning of the year, there have been several examples of major cyber attacks. Join us for this webinar as we discuss the most severe cybercriminal activities of 2017, the motivations, approaches and TTPs of the threat groups behind these attacks and, insights into APT10, APT32 & APT33.
  • Why Mid-Enterprises Must Go Beyond AV Products to Smarter Endpoint Security In this webinar, learn more about what legacy AV technologies miss and how you might be at risk today, why real-time, integrated threat intelligence is a critical component of any cyber strategy, how to streamline your approach and extend visibility into every endpoint that matters and why you need to detect known and unknown threats targeting your business.

October 2017

  • Asia Pacific Threat Landscape: A FireEye ViewIn this webinar, we will highlight some of the most public investigations, look to key government leaders to understand their perspective on the impact of cyber, and lastly review the top strategic mistakes that organizations make when trying to address cyber risk.
  • The Cost of Building a Threat Hunting Team in Your SOCAt this point your SOC is effectively covering SIEM, IDP, Vulnerability Management and a number of other areas. However, the next phase of maturity is to build the APT Threat Hunting capability. Join us for a short webinar to discuss the costs of building a hunting team versus buying it.
  • Best Practices for Enterprise Cyber Intelligence OperationsIdentifying effective threat intelligence is not easy. Learn what it means to have timely, relevant and actionable threat intelligence and how it can help you respond to threats quickly and decisively.
  • The Security Paradigm: From the Cloud to the Cloud, in the CloudThis webinar will describe the main risks associated with cloud adoption and cover how to mitigate those risks.
  • Evaluating Managed Detection and Response: Key Considerations that Cut Through the HypeIn this webinar, you will learn, why standard cyber security solutions still leave you vulnerable and why the market is transitioning to MDR, which capabilities are critical to improving threat detection and response and what to consider when evaluating managed detection and response service providers.
  • Delivering Advanced Security Capabilities to Any Organization: FireEye HelixLearn about how a centralized security operations platform improves visibility across your entire cyber security infrastructure, surfaces and provides context for the most critical alerts and empowers decision making to decrease the time from detection to response. You'll also see a demo of how Helix identifies and responds to an alert.
  • A Gold Standard for Industrial Control System SecurityThis presentation reviews the evolution of ICS security best practices and explores how the new FireEye and Waterfall Security Solutions partnership is supporting and extending this evolution.
  • Simplify Threat Response Through Integration and AutomationIn this technical session we hear from an orchestration expert on best practices to simplify and automate security tools and processes. We will look at real-life examples of providing teams with greater control of incident response process for improved efficiency, thus saving time & resources and increasing efficiency and performance. We will also look at orchestration services with incident response playbooks, plug-in development, automation and workflow deployment.
  • Endpoint Security: No Longer Taking a Back Seat!This webinar explains how FireEye Endpoint Security (HX) helps our customer to protect their endpoints, and enable you to go from alert to fix in a matter of minutes. Visibility, speed and cost efficiency are the key components in this solution.
  • An Elegant and Practical Model for Security Practitioners"Prepare, Respond, Assess" … "Prevent, Detect, Respond" … Security professionals are awash in a myriad of buzzwords triads and theoretical frameworks. Let's look at a practical model that has tangible meaning for practitioners, based on the Attack Lifecycle, and encompassing modern security capabilities to drive the outcome of not suffering any business impact resulting from a breach.
  • Bridging the Gap Between the SOC and the BoardroomMost C-Suite occupants don’t speak security: Real-world examples will be used to demonstrate how to communicate in a manner that even the most technology averse executive can understand.
  • How Was That Breach Detected?In this presentation, we will use international case examples Mandiant investigated to take a closer look at how the breach was discovered and what security lessons can be learned from the alerts - for example how a performance monitor on a domain controller spiked, which led to discovery of credential harvesting. The take away will be actionable in many environments.
  • Answers to 5 Cyber Security Challenges for the Midsize Enterprise FireEye SME customers are more prepared to defend their company’s digital assets. Join us for a problem-solving webinar based on real-world examples from your peers and learn what best practices will increase cyber awareness, how to conduct a security assessment to identify gaps and a strategy, and how to align security needs and reduce vulnerabilities.

September 2017

  • Cyber Threat Intelligence: Learn How It Can Drive World-Class SecurityThe adoption of Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) is increasing across organizations like yours—adding value to all segments of security operations and the business. When it is better utilized, CTI significantly enhances an organization’s ability to anticipate, identify, respond to, and remediate threats. Join this webinar to learn how to apply these CTI practices in your organization.
  • The Next Level of Smarter Endpoint Protection: Going Beyond Antivirus ProductsAntivirus (AV) protection has been the foundation for endpoint security for decades despite its known gaps. To address evolving threats, organizations need an integrated endpoint solution that can fortify their defenses. Watch this webinar as the first step toward a smarter, more adaptive approach to endpoint security.
  • APT33: New Insights into Iranian Cyber Espionage Group Join us in a webinar as we discuss this threat group whom we asses to be involved in a long-term, resource intensive cyber espionage operation motivated by the prospect of collecting strategic intelligence, including information related to the aviation and energy industries, which would ultimately benefit a nation-state or military sponsor.

August 2017

July 2017

  • Are You Ready to Respond?Learn six primary areas of focus for an effective response plan, best practices in each of those areas, and examples of how deficiencies in any area reduces an organization’s ability to detect & respond to cyber attacks.

June 2017

  • GDPR: Being prepared and response-readyIn this webinar we will tackle the importance of a having an effective and actionable incident response plan, and how to develop a crisis communications strategy that minimizes the impact of a data breach.
  • The Resurgence of APT10Watch this webinar to learn about APT10 and how your organisation can improve its ability to detect, prevent and remediate the group’s attacks.

May 2017

  • Intelligence First: How Intelligence Enriches Security Consulting ServicesJoin Jeff Berg, Sr. Manager of Cyber Threat Intelligence, and Brad Bell, Mandiant Principal Consultant, as they share the role of cyber threat intelligence in strategic security consulting services and why services based on compliance-based best practices and industry standards may not be an effective way to protect your organization against a rapidly evolving threat landscape.
  • APT32: New Cyber Espionage GroupLearn more about APT32 (OceanLotus Group), a Southeast Asian cyber espionage group threatening multi-national companies operating in Vietnam. After long-term monitoring and response of their activities, FireEye has given this threat actor the newest APT designation.
  • Tips & Tricks: Make the Most of FireEye Network SecurityAlthough FireEye Network Security is ready to use out-of-the-box, simplicity does not imply a lack of sophistication. There may be a variety of capabilities that practitioners can take advantage of when maximizing the value of their Network Security solution.
  • Smarter Endpoint SecurityToday’s endpoint security products do what they were designed to do, but they still leave gaps in protection. Comprehensive endpoint protection requires prevention, AV, endpoint detection and response (EDR) and other capabilities. Even when organizations adopt multiple point products, there are still gaps in their endpoint protection.

April 2017

March 2017

  • M-Trends 2017Learn all about the M-Trends 2017 Report and its implications with our experts.

February 2017

January 2017