Annual Threat Reports

Facing Forward: Cyber Security in 2020 and Beyond

Download your free copy of “Facing Forward: Cyber Security in 2020 and Beyond,” to learn:

  • How the threat landscape will evolve as organizations move their data to the cloud
  • Why security for the cloud requires a different approach than on-premises
  • Why nations will be seeking to develop offensive capabilities
  • How organizations are struggling with a shortage of skilled security professionals
  • What types of security technology will best help defenders
Security Predictions 2020

M-Trends 2019

The Trends Behind Today's Breaches and Cyber Attacks

Download the new M-Trends 2019 Report today for an intelligence-led look into:

  • Advanced persistent threat (APT) groups—how they’ve evolved in North Korea, Russia, China, and Iran over the past decade, and groups elevated to APT status in 2018
  • Why “once a target, always a target” is more true than ever
  • Hidden phishing risks during merger and acquisition (M&A) activities
  • Case studies with practical security lessons
  • New defensive practices developed on the frontlines of incident response
M-Trends 2019

Annual threat reports increase awareness of cyber risks

FireEye gathers and publicizes threat intelligence gathered from millions of virtual machines in customer deployments. Expert analysts monitor, interpret, and package the data to better arm the public against cyber attackers. These annual threat reports include global and regional threat intelligence on industry trends as well as detailed malware analyses.

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Security Predictions

The Security Predictions paper offers unique insights into what we can expect from attackers, victim organizations, security vendors and nation-states in the coming year.

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Explore the trends and get statistics based on Mandiant’s investigation of the year’s successful breaches and cyber attacks across the globe.

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Threat Reports

Regional Threat Reports