Annual Threat Reports

Questions and Answers: Responding to the 2017 Security Landscape

This report, assembled by FireEye executives, Mandiant experts and the FireEye iSIGHT Intelligence team outlines security trends and challenges organizations will face the in upcoming year, including:

  • How threat groups will continue to target industrial control systems in the near future
  • What investments in security organizations will make in 2017
  • What we might expect as the new U.S. Presidential administration begins settling in
  • What the immediate future has in store for regions with less mature security programs

M-Trends 2016

Annual Threat Reports Increase Awareness of Cyber Risks

FireEye gathers and publicizes threat intelligence gathered from millions of virtual machines in customer deployments. Expert analysts monitor, interpret, and package the data to better arm the public against cyber attackers. These annual threat reports include global and regional threat intelligence on industry trends as well as detailed malware analyses.

M-Trends 2016

Read about the trends, statistics and case studies illustrating how advanced threat actors have evolved over the past year.

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M-Trends 2016: EMEA Edition

Get statistics, trends and lessons learned from data breach investigations in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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M-Trends 2016: APAC Edition

Learn about 5 cyber security trends in Asia Pacific organizations, and 4 ways they can better respond to a breach.

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Annual and Regional Threat Reports


M-Trends 2013: Attack the Security Gap  Annual threat report for 2013 that reviews targeted attacks to reveal evolving trends, case studies and best practices.

Advanced Threat Report 2013 Threat intelligence from 2013 that outlines the top countries and industries targeted by advanced attacks.

Advanced Threat Report for 1H 2012 Threat intelligence from the first half of 2012 that details the explosive growth of web- and email-based advanced malware.

M-Trends 2012: An Evolving Threat Annual threat report for 2012 that uses key insights, statistics and case studies to show how the tools and tactics of advanced cyber attackers evolved.

Advanced Threat Report for 2H 2011 Threat intelligence from the second half of 2011, published by the FireEye Malware Intelligence Lab.

Advanced Threat Report for 1H 2011 Threat intelligence from the first half of 2011, revealing revealing a new era of advanced targeted cyber attacks.

M-Trends 2011: When Prevention Fails Annual threat report for 2011 that details how advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks successfully compromises targets.

M-Trends 2010: The Advanced Persistent Threat Annual threat report for 2010 that provides threat intelligence gained through intrusion investigations for the U.S. government, the defense industrial base, and commercial organizations.