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Cost of a Data Breach

Improve your cyber security with a calculated approach

A data breach is every organization's waking nightmare. Instead of just worrying about it, take the time to correctly assess the cost of a data breach so you can determine how much it will cost for an appropriate level of defense against ongoing cyber threats.

To properly prepare for and confront cyber crime, you need to properly assess the cost of failure and loss. The total cost of a data breach is the cost of existing security measures plus the cost of dealing with the breach itself.

Costs of deficient security

When a breach occurs, it means your security failed. These questions will help qualify and quantify the cost of that failure:

  • How efficient are you? How many false positives distract your security team and how many actual cyber security incidents do you uncover?
  • Are you prioritizing correctly? How many cyber security incidents have an actual business impact and qualify for further investigation?
  • Are you learning about your attackers? How many cyber security incidents can be fully investigated to determine threat actors and/or motives?
  • What is your security protecting? How many of your solutions actively support a security policy or protect a quantifiable business asset?

Costs of breach consequences

After a data breach, you need to figure out exactly what you will lose, how much, and what to do about it. These questions will help you calculate business losses:

  • How much money will you lose based on information, such as intellectual property (IP) or personally identifiable information (PII), lost through the data breach?
  • How much money will you lose to notification costs, lawsuits, fines, audits and brand damage when the data breach becomes public?
  • How much time will it take to resolve the breach—to identify and address all affected systems, and respond to attacks?
  • How much will you be fined if your security practices don't comply with security policies and requirements?

Cost analysis is a habit

Although many security experts only ask these questions when they first set up their security programs, analyzing your costs is an ongoing process. By staying alert to changes in the cost of a data breach, you get a better sense of when and how your security programs need to be revisited or updated. FireEye can help you develop a better awareness of your risks and capabilities. This, in turn, will strengthen your security posture to manage and resolve future cyber threats.

Reduce costs with adaptive defense

The FireEye Adaptive Defense approach helps reduce false positives, ensure policy compliance, determine which threats will have a more serious potential business impact and emphasizes best practices for incident resolution. Advanced threat intelligence also enables you to detect advanced malware that traditional solutions can't.