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Cyber Security Effectiveness

The Cyber Security Effectiveness Podcast is hosted by FireEye Mandiant CISO Brian Contos (@BrianContos) and produced by FireEye's Katie Billigmeier. Listen to hear from notable guests, innovative leaders, and industry experts on their cyber perspectives, career moves, and the hot topic of security validation. Watch the Cyber Security Effectiveness Podcast episodes and more Mandiant content on BrightTalk.

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Recent Episodes

Episode 94 - June 8, 2021
Carrots Lead to the Right Outcomes

Episode Summary

Our focus on board members continues as Kara Nortman, Managing Partner at Upfront Ventures and a board member with several technology and cyber security companies, talks about her key responsibilities as a cloud-native specialist, the importance of nurturing positive relationships, and the growing trend of third-party solutions.

Featuring: Kara Nortman

Kara Nortman is a Partner at Upfront Ventures, Southern California’s largest early-stage venture capital firm, with a focus on cyber security and cloud.

Episode 93 - May 24, 2021
The New Old Risk

Episode Summary

The unknown factors of cyber security risk are keeping more CEOs up at night than ever before, and many of them view it as priority number one in areas of the business to address. Jay Leek brings his perspective as former Blackstone CISO, ClearSky Security co-founder, and board member for a number of cyber security companies, where he communicates today’s risks.

Featuring: Jay Leek

Jay Leek, CISM, CISA, CISSP, is a Managing Partner and Co-founder of ClearSky Security. Prior to co-founding ClearSky Security, Leek was the Chief Information Security Officer for Blackstone, where he also worked with their cybersecurity investments and portfolio companies. 

Episode 92 - May 17, 2021
Recognizing Board Superpowers

Episode Summary

As someone who has worked as a FireEye executive and been on a board member for several publicly traded companies, Julie Cullivan has been able to closely witness the dichotomy between the two. She chats with Brian about how board members can influence real cyber security development.

Featuring: Julie Cullivan

For over 25 years, Julie Cullivan has driven transformational go-to-market, technology, security, operational, and acquisition strategy for both public and pre-IPO companies. She serves on the Board of Axon Enterprise, Inc. and on the Board of HeartFlow, Inc.

Episode 91 - May 11, 2021
Security at the Board Level

Episode Summary

Former RSA President & CEO Art Coviello revisits the podcast to share his wisdom for CISOs and aspiring board members, and breaks down board interactions in the private and public space.

Featuring: Art Coviello

Art Coviello served as President and CEO of RSA for over a decade and now guides startups as an investor and adviser.

Episode 90 - March 23, 2021
Automation, Automation, Automation

Episode Summary

Working as a security leader at Kyriba, an international FinTech company, Eric Adams attributes a lot of success to automation – the key to developing and growing a business. He describes this and many more ways to optimize your assets, no matter how big or small.

Featuring: Eric Adams

Eric Adams is the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)/SVP at Kyriba, coming from 20 years security experience and specifically FedRAMP authorization experience in Federal cloud at HP.

Episode 89 - March 8, 2021
Security Learning by Security Doing    

Episode Summary

When it comes down to cyber security in the Federal space, US Army Reserve Colonel Jerry Chappee likens it to working on a car: your first priority should be perfecting the basics. He talks with Brian about the evolution of cyber operations, building a leadership team, and addressing vulnerabilities.

Featuring: Jerry Chappee

Jerry Chappee is a US Army Colonel for cyber security in the Rocky Mountain region, and is the cyber security lead for the US Space Force.