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Cyber Security Effectiveness

The Cyber Security Effectiveness Podcast is hosted by FireEye Mandiant CISO Brian Contos (@BrianContos) and produced by FireEye's Katie Billigmeier. Listen to hear from notable guests, innovative leaders, and industry experts on their cyber perspectives, career moves, and the hot topic of security validation. Watch the Cyber Security Effectiveness Podcast episodes and more Mandiant content on BrightTalk.

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Recent Episodes

Episode 90 - March 23, 2021
Automation, Automation, Automation

Episode Summary

Working as a security leader at Kyriba, an international FinTech company, Eric Adams attributes a lot of success to automation – the key to developing and growing a business. He describes this and many more ways to optimize your assets, no matter how big or small.

Featuring: Eric Adams

Eric Adams is the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)/SVP at Kyriba, coming from 20 years security experience and specifically FedRAMP authorization experience in Federal cloud at HP.

Episode 89 - March 8, 2021
Security Learning by Security Doing    

Episode Summary

When it comes down to cyber security in the Federal space, US Army Reserve Colonel Jerry Chappee likens it to working on a car: your first priority should be perfecting the basics. He talks with Brian about the evolution of cyber operations, building a leadership team, and addressing vulnerabilities.

Featuring: Jerry Chappee

Jerry Chappee is a US Army Colonel for cyber security in the Rocky Mountain region, and is the cyber security lead for the US Space Force.

Episode 88 - February 18, 2021
The Nature of Conflict

Episode Summary

Former NSA Chief Cryptologic Technician, Retired US Navy Chief, and author Chase Cunningham is so fascinated by cyber conflict that it inspired him to create a comic book series. He and Bryan talk about the nation state interaction in cyberspace, APTs, deepfakes, and more.

Featuring: Chase Cunningham

Chase is a retired Navy Chief Cryptologist with more than 20 years experience in Cyber Forensic and Analytic Operations.

Episode 87 - February 8, 2021
When in Doubt, Hire a Marine

Episode Summary

Nick Andersen’s perspective and strategy skills have evolved from his time in the Marine Corps and federal government. Now CISO of Public Sector at Lumen Technologies, he reflects on his experience overseeing cyber security for energy and emergency response, statewide threat intelligence, his day-to-day duties, and more.

Featuring: Nicholas Andersen

Prior to his current role with Lumen Technologies, Nick served as Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary at the U.S. Department of Energy.

Episode 86 - January 26, 2021
A Certain Set of Skills

Episode Summary

National Cybersecurity Center CSO and Board Member Mark Weatherford joins Brian to discuss the world of MSSPs, what the CISO’s role should be in 2021, and our fast-growing dependence on the supply chain.

Featuring: Mark Weatherford

Mark Weatherford is the Chief Strategy Officer and on the Board of Directors at the National Cybersecurity Center. He is also the Founding Partner at Aspen Chartered where he provides cybersecurity consulting and advisory services to public and private sector organizations around the world.