Cyber Security Effectiveness Podcast

The Cybersecurity Effectiveness Podcast is hosted by Mandiant CISO Brian Contos and produced by Katie Billigmeier. The podcast features guests and discussion of the latest in cybersecurity effectiveness and security validation.

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State of the Hack

Recent Episodes

Episode 81     -     November 5, 2020

Securing the Insurance and Finance Industry

Episode Summary

Brian chats with Steven Edwards, Sr. SOC Manager at Globe Life (formerly Torchmark) about cybersecurity in the insurance and finance industry. Steven covers cloud migration, use cases and mistakes he’s learned from, and relaying security strategies to non-technical consumers and members of the board.

Featuring: Steven Edwards

Steven Edwards is an experienced Security Operations Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry.

Episode 80     -     Octobe 14, 2020

SIP & Purple Teaming

Episode Summary

More organizations are keen to introduce purple teaming to their security practices but in most cases, they are not yet at the level of the business maturity needed to take that next step. Evan Peña, Director of Professional Services at Mandiant (FireEye), describes how his team uses FireEye’s premiere threat intelligence to enhance purple teaming efficiency.

Featuring: Evan Peña

Evan Peña is the Director of Professional Services at Mandiant (FireEye).

Episode 79     -     October 6, 2020

Navigating 2020 as a CISO in Aviation

Episode Summary

The aviation industry has arguably been the most negatively impacted by the pandemic and has forced sudden changes on the organizations’ business models, cyber security operations, and more. United Airlines’ VP and CISO Deneen DeFiore talks about how the aviation organizations have adapted, key measurements for effectiveness, and the secret to maintaining a strong security mindset in these uncertain times.

Featuring: Chip Regan

Deneen DeFiore is vice president and chief information security officer for United Airlines.

Episode 78     -     September 22, 2020

Federal Government & Intel Insights

Episode Summary

This packed episode focuses on all things high-level intelligence. Brian speaks with JD Jack, FireEye VP of DoD/IC/Special Programs, on his past experience with aviation and national intelligence and how it has taught him to lead at FireEye. They look at today's intel gaps, the DoD’s biggest threats, and discuss tool collaboration.

Featuring: J.D. Jack

J.D. Jack joined FireEye in 2016 and serves as the VP of the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community and Special Programs.