Cybersecurity Effectiveness Podcast

Episode 13     -     April 30, 2019

A Proactive Approach to Incident Response

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Episode Summary

Sometimes the most interesting careers emerge from the remnants of another passion. Microsoft Detection and Response Team (DART) consultant MacKenzie Brown describes how her love of theatre led her to her current work with incident response (IR) and becoming co-founder of the Ms. Greyhat Organization. She and Brian Contos talk proactivity, cracking down on communication, and key focus points for response teams.

Featuring: MacKenzie Brown

MacKenzie is a subject matter expert in compliance and risk management, policy and implementation, and cybersecurity program development. In addition to her extensive experience with analysis and application software security, she is co-founder of the Ms. Greyhat Org, a non-profit dedicated to nurturing female presence in the cybersecurity industry.