Cybersecurity Effectiveness Podcast

Episode 2     -     September 26, 2018

Ada Lovelace, AC/DC, and Behavior Research

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Episode Summary

In the spirit of Ada Lovelace Day coming up on October 9th, host Brian Contos chats with Verodin security analyst Ashley Zaya about her role on the Behavior Research Team (BRT) and the perspective she brings to the industry. Ashley reflects on her career in InfoSec thus far and the experiences she gained working in Boeing's fast-paced SOC. Ashley also shares valuable advice for women entering the field and her favorite movie soundtrack.

Featuring: Ashley Zaya

Ashley Zaya joined Verodin as a Security Analyst on its Behavior Research Team (BRT) in February 2018. Previously, Ashley was the Incident Response Specialist for Boeing's Security Operations Center (SOC).