Cybersecurity Effectiveness Podcast

Episode 38      -     March 9, 2020

People Skills: Making Changes in the Community

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Episode Summary

Some form of modern technology can be found in almost every part of the world now, but some areas that lag behind may not have the resources needed to implement necessary security tools. Having grown up in the Argentinian mountains where there are few computers, Veronica Valero Sarachos, researcher at Czech Technical University, recognizes these issues and strives to give back to communities like hers by working with them to help detect threats.

Featuring: Veronica Valeros

Veronica Valeros is a hacker and researcher from Argentina, currently working in the Civilsphere project at the Czech Technical University. Her work has a strong focus on helping people and involves different areas from wireless and bluetooth privacy to malware, botnets and intrusion analysis. She has presented her research on international conferences such as BlackHat, EkoParty, Botconf and others. She is the co-founder of the MatesLab hackerspace and the Independent Fund for Women in Tech.