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Eye on Security is a bi-monthly podcast that brings you the latest on cybersecurity threats and news from Mandiant. Listen to previous episodes of Eye on Security by listening to the recordings below.

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Eye on Security
Pandemic Impacts to the Cyber Threat Landscape

In the latest episode of Eye on Security, we invited Jens Monrad, Head of Mandiant Threat Intelligence, EMEA to join Luke for a conversation on how the threat landscape has changed in the past year and how it continues to be impacted by the ongoing pandemic.

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Automated Defense

Mandiant Advantage, our SaaS platform, was always intended to house more than just our threat intelligence—and now it does. With the addition of Mandiant Automated Defense and Mandiant Security Validation, we are continuing to roll out new features in a platform that is easily accessible, as well as easy to deploy and scale.

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M-Trends 2021

Have you ever wondered what it takes to develop our annual M-Trends report? The short answer is: a whole lot! Our host Luke McNamara asked Regina Elwell, Senior Principal Threat Analyst on the Advanced Practices Team, and Steve Stone, Senior Director for Advanced Practices, to take us behind the scenes so we can see exactly what goes into building an edition of M-Trends.

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The “Big Four”: Spotlight on Russia

We started off this episode discussing how Russian cyber threat activity evolved to what we know today, from the days of Moonlight Maze and Agent.BTZ. We then shifted the conversation to some of the most notable Russian threat groups and the difficulties of assigning attribution at the organizational sponsorship level. While many APT groups from the “Big Four” may blend together various types of threat activity, Russia has utilized a particularly interesting mix of cyber espionage, information operations, and disruptive attacks over the years.

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The “Big Four”: Spotlight on China

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to another episode of the Eye on Security podcast. I'm your host Luke McNamara. Today for the third in our series on at the big four, we are tackling China. And joining me today to help me do that, I have Lloyd Brown, principal analyst on custom intel team here at Mandiant. And Scott Henderson, a principal analyst on our cyber espionage team. Lloyd, Scott, great to have you here today.

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An Inside Look at How Reddit Fights Cyber Threats

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another episode of the Eye on Security podcast. I'm your host, Luke McNamara. Joining me today is someone that I've had the pleasure of working with and learning from in the past, Aylea Baldwin, Threat Intelligence Lead at Reddit. Aylea, great to have you here.

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Tackling Digital Safety for Women

Welcome to another episode of the Eye on Security Podcast. I'm your host, Luke McNamara. And joining me today to talk about digital safety for women, a lot of the content coming from a talk that they had recently given for the Grace Hopper Celebration is Cris Kittner, principal analyst here at Mandiant Threat Intelligence and Lillian Teng, director of Threat Investigations at Verizon Media. Cris and Lillian, great to have you here today.

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The “Big Four”: Spotlight on Iran

Welcome to another episode of the Eye on Security podcast. My name is Luke McNamara, your host here for the second part in a series that we are doing, Looking at the Big Four. Today, we are tackling Iran and joining me to help do that are, Sarah Hawley principal analyst on the cyber espionage team, here at Mandiant intelligence and Lee Foster, Senior Manager of information operations analysis, and returning guest. Sarah and Lee, thanks for joining me today.

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Breaking Down Malicious Insider Threats

“Legitimate access rules the threat landscape”, says Jon Ford, Managing Director at Mandiant. In addition to loss of intellectual property, malicious insiders are increasingly impacting organizational reputation, customer trust and investor confidence. There’s a lot more to insider cyber security threats than disgruntled employees, which is the first thing that comes to mind for most when they think of this threat. Jon Ford, Managing Director of Mandiant, and Johnny Collins, Director of Mandiant, joined us to break down what insider threats are and the trends Mandiant is seeing in recent investigations.

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The Cyber Landscape in Latin America

While many cyber threats and security issues are universal and experienced by organizations in any part of the world, some are more common to a particular region than others. Host Luke McNamara invited Ryan Goss, Vice President for Latin America & the Caribbean, and Juan Carlos Garcias Caparros, Director of Mandiant Consulting for Latin America and the Caribbean, to talk specifically about cyber security in Latin America.

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The "Big Four": Spotlight on North Korea

We’re kicking off Eye on Security in 2021 with a nation-state-themed miniseries that focuses on the big four, which we recognize as North Korea, Iran, China and Russia. In this episode, host Luke McNamara invited Fred Plan, Senior Analyst for Mandiant Threat Intelligence, onto the podcast to talk about North Korea.

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Protecting Healthcare and Academia Against Cyber Threats

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, cyber threats have worsened for some industries across the globe. Universities with medical and research facilities are increasingly being targeted by threat actors because of the critical and valuable work they do surrounding pandemic. Host Luke McNamara invited Monte Ratzlaff, Cyber Risk Program Director at the University of California Office of the President, to join us for this episode of Eye on Security so we could discuss the important research they secure.

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A Look Back and a Look Forward

With 2020 coming to an end, we’ve released our 2021 cyber security predictions report, videos with our senior leaders and more. Our hot, Luke McNamara asked General Earl Matthews, VP, Strategy for Mandiant Security Validation to join him on 'Eye on Security' to discuss what we can expect in the cyber space heading into a new year based on the threat activity we’ve seen recently.

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Cyber Security Through the Eyes of a Journalist

In this episode, we have something a little different. We're excited that Sean Lygaas (@Snlyngaas), Senior Reporter at CyberScoop, has joined host Luke McNamara to share a different perspective on many of the same cyber security stories and events that we work on in parallel here at FireEye.

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The Inception of Mandiant Advantage

Our customers expressed a desire for faster access to our intelligence to focus on threat activity that matters to them, so we launched Mandiant Advantage. Mandiant Advantage is a new SaaS platform that allows our customers to engage across all areas of our expertise, starting with threat intelligence.

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Back to School: Training the Cyber Workforce in 2020

The cyber skills shortage is a real problem. There just aren’t enough qualified people to adequately meet the cyber security needs of all organizations, and the problem is only expected to get worse. One of the ways we address this challenge at FireEye is through internal and external training courses. We invited two people involved in those efforts to join our host, Luke McNamara for this episode of Eye on Security: Dawn Hagen, Senior Director of Learning and Development, and Dr. Brett Miller, Managing Director at Mandiant.

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Ransomware and Observations from Recent IR Investigations

Ransomware continues to be one of the most significant cyber security issues affecting organizations today. The attack is very effective and can be carried out relatively cheaply, making for larger net profits. With no end in sight to this nasty threat, Luke McNamara, our host and Principal Analyst for FireEye, spoke with someone who has a front-row seat into how organizations think about ransomware and other similar threats. For that we turned to Charles Carmakal, our SVP & CTO for Mandiant, and one of our leading incident response experts.

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The Ghostwriter Campaign and Trends in Disinformation Today

Information operations (IO) gained prominent public attention in 2016 during the U.S. general election. Since then, new campaigns have continued to be exposed, and the tactics actors employ have evolved. In this episode of 'Eye on Security', Lee Foster, our Senior Manager of Information Operations Intelligence Analysis, joins host Luke McNamara to talk all about disinformation, a recent influence campaign that we refer to as Ghostwriter, and what we could see play out in the 2020 general election.

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