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From Target to Aggressor

How Data Centers are Becoming Unwitting Accomplices in Cyber Attacks

Data centers are the backbone of today’s digital economy, and yet far too many are vulnerable to advanced attacks. Despite $13 billion spent every year to secure them,* attackers are compromising data centers in a flood of cyber assaults.

In many breaches, compromised data centers are used in attacks against new targets. These attacks are disrupting business, stealing priceless customer data and intellectual property — and damaging reputations in their wake. Read this paper to learn why so many attacks against data centers are successful and how organizations can better protect them.

You will learn:

  • The multi-vector, multi-stage nature of today’s attacks
  • Why traditional tools fail to detect advanced attacks
  • Why sandboxes are a new approach with the same-old problems
  • How FireEye Data Center Security protects your most valuable assets

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In many cases, compromised targets unwittingly become attackers themselves. At the bidding of cybercriminals who can control comprised systems remotely, the data centers are commandeered as potent weapons in attacks against fresh targets.

In one example of this trend, the U.S. Department of Labor became an involuntary attacker in May 2013 when attackers compromised one of its Web pages. Site visitors received malware that exploited a zero-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer 8 to install a variant of the Poison Ivy remote-access Trojan (RAT).

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*IDC. “Worldwide Datacenter Security 2012–2016 Forecast: Protecting the Heart of the Enterprise 3rd Platform.” November 2012.

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