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10 Key Ways The Financial Services Industry Can Combat Cyber Threats

Are you doing all you can for your organization and its assets?

If you're a bank, insurance provider or other financial services institution, cyber threats are already one of your top priorities. You strive to protect your own assets and data, as well as those of your customers.

Based on helping customers respond to some of the most publicized and damaging breaches, FireEye has recognized similar characteristics and assembled 10 key ways the financial services industry can prepare for advanced threats.

Download the following paper to learn how you can establish critical controls and prepare for a breach:

  • Identify critical assets
  • Protect credentials
  • Segment assets effectively
  • Segregate data appropriately
  • Collect necessary evidence proactively
  • Test exposure
  • Evolve your security operations center to a cyber defense center to improve detection and get better use out of your threat intelligence.

Download 10 Key Ways the Financial Services Industry Can Combat Advanced Cyber Threats today.

Download the paper