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Follow the Money: Dissecting the Operations of the Cyber Crime Group FIN6

The more you know about a cyber threat group, the better the chance you’ll be able to detect and respond to its attacks.

Download the report on FIN6’s operations to steal payment card data and sell that information to an underground card shop. Learn about:

  • Financial Threats, or FIN groups such as FIN6—who they are and what they want
  • The group’s attack lifecycle, including the use of GRABNEW malware to capture valid user credentials
  • The criminal ecosystem that supports FIN6 operations
Follow the Money: FIN6

Follow the Money: FIN6

This video covers the operations of the cyber crime group FIN6. (video - 2:17 min)

Threat Intelligence on Advanced Attack Groups and Technology Vulnerabilities

FireEye regularly publishes threat intelligence reports that describe the members of advanced persistent threat (APT) groups, how they work, and how to recognize their tools, tactics, and procedures. Threat intelligence reports also cover vulnerabilities of specific business technologies, such as email, sandboxes, and mobile devices. With access to such details cyber security experts can build better defenses against these APT groups and advanced cyber attacks.

Pinpointing Targets: Exploiting Web Analytics to Ensnare Victims

Threat intelligence on how attackers alter websites and redirect visitors to a profiling script called WITCHCOVEN.

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HAMMERTOSS: Stealthy Tactics Define a Russian Cyber Threat Group

Threat research about the recently discovered HAMMERTOSS, a malware backdoor created by the Russian APT group APT29.

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An Inside Look: Into the World of Nigerian Scammers

Threat intelligence on a Nigeria-based scam, including its targets, tactics, organization, expertise, techniques, tools, and most importantly, how you can protect yourself from losing thousands of dollars.

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