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Threat Intelligence Reports

Forrester: FireEye Named the Leader in External Threat Intelligence Services

Threat intelligence is one of the most overused terms in cyber security today. Every vendor promises their threat intelligence will solve your security challenges. This creates confusion in the marketplace and makes it challenging to evaluate threat intelligence offerings. 

To help organizations better understand threat intelligence service offerings, Forrester recently published their research report: The Forrester New Wave™: External Threat Intelligence Services, Q3 2018.

After evaluating 15 vendors on 10 criteria, Forrester found FireEye to be the leader:

  • "Leads the pack with its collection capabilities. The importance of iSight Partners and Mandiant cannot be overlooked when assessing FireEye’s threat intelligence capabilities, which marry digital forensics, human intelligence (HUMINT), and a global sensor network."
  • "Best fit for companies desiring a breadth of outcomes from a single vendor"

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Cyber threat intelligence on advanced attack groups and technology vulnerabilities

FireEye regularly publishes cyber threat intelligence reports that describe the members of Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) groups, how they work and how to recognize their tactics, techniques and procedures. Cyber threat intelligence reports also cover vulnerabilities of specific business technologies, such as email, sandboxes and mobile devices. With access to such details cyber security experts can build better defenses against these APT groups and advanced cyber attacks.

Suspected Iranian Influence Operation

Leveraging Inauthentic News Sites and Social Media Aimed at U.S., U.K., Other Audiences.

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APT28: At the center of the Russian cyber storm

Is the threat actor group, APT28, sponsored by the Russian government? Read about their decade-long cyber support of Russia's strategic interests, impacting the Syrian conflict, the 2016 U.S. presidential election and more.

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APT37 (Reaper): The Overlooked North Korean Actor

Learn more about a suspected North Korean cyber espionage group that we now track as APT37 (Reaper).

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