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Cyber Security ROI for CEOs

Avoid the cost of cyber crime with the benefits of security

Every responsible CEO relies on cyber security to safeguard their company's systems, and their customers' and partners' data. With the right investments in cyber security, you can protect your organization's data, preserve your customers' trust, and manage your costs and security resources wisely.


Changing Times and Cyber Crimes

Cyber crime used to be a hobby. Now it's an organized business that:

  • Targets trade secrets, affecting your ability to compete in the market. Your data has to be protected. 
  • Impacts market share due to lack of confidence. Your customers' trust must be preserved. 
  • Incurs productivity losses when your teams must deal with the aftermath of a breach, repair systems and improve security.
  • Can cost fines and fees resulting from regulation noncompliance and legal proceedings.

From a CEO's viewpoint: How much security is enough? How is benefit-cost ratio assessed, and how do you get the best return on your cyber security investment?

The Myths of Cyber Security as Usual

Myth 1: More cyber security is better cyber security.

The reality: More traditional cyber security, such as antivirus software and firewalls, is a poor choice for a CEO. Increasing standard cyber security usually costs more time, money and personnel. If security teams don’t get training and build expertise with new security tools, they can often misinterpret alerts from those tools, ending up with an increase in false positives. This takes time away from real threats and results in poorer overall security.

Myth 2: Better technology provides better security.

The reality: This holds true only up to a point. Cyber attacks are masterminded by people. People will always find ways around static technology. CEOs should install an Adaptive Defense approach that includes technology, intelligence and expertise to successfully combat modern cyber threats.

Myth 3: Detection and prevention are the primary measures of success for security.

The reality: CEOs need to shift the security mindset to include the entire threat life cycle. Better measures of success include:

  • Number of incidents resolved
  • Speed of incident resolution
  • Potential business impact of the incident

Sound measures of success, strong technology, timely intelligence and knowledgeable experts are the cornerstones of security investments that will pay off for your company in both the short and long term.

Working with FireEye can deliver an almost 10-fold return on your cyber security investment by preventing more attacks, responding effectively to breaches and easing the transition to a modern, nimble and more cost-efficient approach to dealing with real security issues.

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