Digital consultancy protects email in cloud-based workplace of the future

The Blackboat team exemplifies the consultancy’s mission to embrace the future workplace and inspire new ways of working. Nils Göldner, managing partner and cloud advisor at Blackboat, elaborated, “We have one main company policy which is simply, freedom. We wanted to create a way for employees to have the ability to truly manage their work-life balance. At Blackboat, as long as you are meeting your obligations, you can work where you want, when you want, and how you want.”

By leveraging cloud collaboration tools and creating flexible office policies, Blackboat is able to offer employees the work freedom necessary for a digital transformation to the workplace of the future. “Our team members have all the tools necessary to travel and work remotely. We can set up a new laptop in just a matter of minutes because we don’t rely on local hardware for processing or storing data: Everything is in the cloud. We believe this virtual environment will be the future for most of our clients because it’s always there, always reachable, and always fast,” explained Göldner.


German IT consulting group helps clients discover new ways of communicating, collaborating and creating

“Email is fundamental to all collaborative environments, so deploying FireEye Email Security gives us the ability to mitigate the risks of compromise from this highly exploited channel using a single solution.”

- Nils Göldner, Managing Partner and Cloud Advisor, Blackboat GmbH

Blackboat clients are typically results-driven companies that want to take advantage of cloud collaboration tools to communicate more efficiently, work more agilely, and create work cultures that drive business performance. Leveraging cloud office tools—such as Microsoft Office 365 or G Suite from Google—delivers instantaneous access to data, enabling teams to enhance collaboration and productivity. However, the workplace of the future also brings an expanded potential for cyber attacks and other malicious threats.

“Although cloud-based applications possess basic cyber security features, we’ve seen numerous cases where that protection just wasn’t enough,” revealed Göldner. “As these tools are frequently the backbone of our clients’ companies, we found these security shortcomings especially troubling. Blackboat is dedicated to not only helping enterprises deploy cloud office tools but also ensuring that the infrastructure we create is effectively protected against any form of compromise.”

Mitigating Risks of Moving to the Cloud

To bolster the built-in defenses of the cloud-hosted office tools his company deploys, Blackboat focused attention on email, a continually favored and highly exploited attack vector for criminals. The company searched the market for a cyber security solution that could defend against the full spectrum of email-related vulnerabilities by enhancing data protection and improving threat detection in cloud environments.

When Blackboat discovered FireEye Email Security – Cloud Edition, the team carefully evaluated the solution’s suitability for its client base, including many SMB and mid-sized ventures. After thoroughly assessing the platform’s ability to analyze email traffic for threats, Göldner and his colleagues confidently adopted the FireEye solution.

“I knew FireEye was a leader in the market, but thought that most of the company’s customers were large corporations and brand name enterprises. Discovering that FireEye Email Security pricing was viable for us further reinforced the decision to offer the solution to our own clients,” noted Göldner.


Blackboat GmbH

Industry: IT Services

Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, digital consultancy Blackboat is an outspoken advocate for the “future workplace”—a new way of working centered around inspiring individual productivity and self-determined focus. Championed by founder Christoph Magnussen, Blackboat helps clients to improve team efficiency and productivity through the use of advanced technologies, such as cloud collaboration tools, secure virtual IT infrastructures and digitized operations.


  • Enhanced threat protection for cloud-based environments
  • Affordability makes enterprise- grade security accessible for SMBs
  • Straightforward implementation and ease-of-use maximize team efficiencies

“FireEye Email Security gives us peace-of-mind that we are managing email in a way that complies with the very strict data protection laws that we have in Europe.”

- Nils Göldner, Managing Partner and Cloud Advisor, Blackboat GmbH

Delivering Advanced Malware Protection to a Global Client Base

The Blackboat team found deployment to be simple and straightforward. Göldner enthused, “The solution worked out of the box. Between that and the training our technicians received from FireEye, we very quickly became comfortable operating everything on our own.” 

The global accessibility of in-person technical support also made FireEye an enticing partner for Blackboat. Göldner shared, “Working with FireEye is very easy: Professional Services contacts are regionally located and always available to join client meetings or provide assistance should we ever need it.”

FireEye Email Security handles the highly dynamic mail-based threat landscape by correlating detected attack attempts to rapidly adapt to changing criminal tactics.

Utilizing event context from frontline investigations—collected from around the world—accelerates response times and optimizes effectiveness.

Securing Communication Channels for the Workplace of the Future

Blackboat finds additional value in the inherent compliance of FireEye Email Security with the multitude of strict data privacy mandates that impact any organization handling sensitive information. Requirements such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) place an enormous responsibility on companies.

Göldner disclosed, “FireEye Email Security gives us peace-of-mind that we are managing email in a way that complies with the very strict data protection laws that we have in Europe.”

Envisioning the possibilities of the workplace of the future, Göldner concluded, “Email is fundamental to all collaborative environments, and deploying FireEye Email Security gives us the ability to mitigate the risks of compromise from this highly exploited channel using a single solution. With email secured we have the foundation in place to really benefit from everything that the workplace of the future has to offer.”