Cronimet Envirotec

Innovators in Separating the Good from the Bad

The recycling of industrial sludge, drilling muds and soft scrap metals is becoming increasingly important as manufacturers, oil refineries and the chemical industry strive to increase sustainability and diminish their impact on the environment.

In 2009, Destimet Green Services GmbH started capturing the recycling market with an innovative process that uses distillation to separate contaminants from raw materials without any chemical modification. The cleaned material can then be reused or resold instead of ending up as landfill.

The effectiveness and impact of the process attracted the attention of the Cronimet Group, a global leader in stainless steel recycling. The multinational conglomerate made increasing investments in the startup company, culminating in outright ownership in 2015 and a subsequent change of name to Cronimet Envirotec in 2017.


Innovative recycler facilitates remote work while protecting employees from email attacks

“Having the extra level of security from FireEye enables us to achieve all the benefits of a cloud-based, collaborative environment without running the risk of being compromised because of an email attack.”

- Filipe Costa, CEO, Cronimet Envirotec GmbH

Transitioning to the Cloud

The transition to being part of a significantly larger business entity necessitated a strategic shift for Cronimet Envirotec’s IT and email security strategies. Patrick Gallit, head of sales and business development, recalled, “Our philosophy is to enable employees to work anywhere. To support this we elected to move from our original local email service provider to a distributed, cloud-based infrastructure.”

The Cronimet Envirotec team looked for a strategic partner to assist in the migration. “We took the opportunity to focus on creating a truly flexible work environment that would be attractive to our workforce,” noted Gallit. He ultimately engaged with Hamburg-based Blackboat, a digital consultancy that specializes in transformations that leverage technologies such as the cloud and AI.

Cronimet Envirotec CEO Filipe Costa had worked with Blackboat at a previous company and had been impressed with the company’s approach, “The Blackboat team maximizes the use of technology to create new ways of working that increase collaboration, productivity and job satisfaction. It’s very impressive.”

Collaboration in the Sweet Spot

Having interviewed Cronimet Envirotec’s executive team to understand its goals, and reviewed the company’s existing workflows, Blackboat proposed the use of Google G Suite groupware tools. A significant driver for Blackboat’s recommendation was Cronimet Envirotec’s extensive use of email as its primary means of communication.

Following deployment of G Suite across the company a few concerns began to surface: “Spam and email-related malware had previously been an issue for us,” Gallit commented. “We had hoped that moving to G Suite would decrease the volume we were experiencing but this wasn’t the case.” To address the concerns Blackboat proposed pairing G Suite with FireEye Email Security to provide state-of- the-art protection to identify, analyze and block email- related attacks.

Cronimet Envirotec GmbH

Cronimet Envirotec GmbH

Industry: Manufacturing/Recycling

Cronimet Envirotec GmbH liberates raw materials, including metal alloys and drilling oil, from previously unusable waste sludge. The company is based in Bitterfeld Wolfen, near Leipzig, Germany.


  • Elevated protection for cloud-based collaboration
  • Intuitive dashboard provides company-wide visibility
  • Ease of implementation and ongoing management
  • Eradication of spam

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“FireEye Email Security has enabled us to achieve our goal of zero spam and zero other email threats.”

- Patrick Gallit, Head of Sales and Business Development, Cronimet Envirotec GmbH

FireEye Stops the Spam

Cronimet Envirotec deployed the FireEye email solution for a month-long trial period. “Spam and other threats immediately dropped to zero,” described Gallit. “It was very clear that FireEye was the answer to our problems.”

Users at the company were given a brief introduction to FireEye Email Security that included how to handle messages that were flagged as being suspicious. “The deployment was very simple and transparent for our team. The only notable difference was a sudden absence of spam! On top of this, there really is no admin overhead,” asserted Gallit.

He continued, “As a data-driven company we appreciate the information we get from the dashboard – the visibility we now have enables us to see exactly what is being stopped throughout our environment. It’s really a great solution for us.”

Collaborating and Communicating Securely

Costa reflected, “G Suite helps empower the team and build a strong culture of collaboration across the company. But it was imperative for us to be able to do this in a fully secure way, especially ensuring that our email traffic was protected and free from anything malicious. FireEye was the missing component that enables us to achieve all the benefits without putting our intellectual property at risk.”

Gallit concurred, “Our big challenge was how to build a cloud-based IT platform which is 100% secure. FireEye Email Security has enabled us to achieve our goal of zero spam and zero other email threats.”

Costa stated, “Ensuring the integrity of all our data is of the utmost importance to Cronimet Envirotec. Before signing the contract we did extensive due-diligence on FireEye and were impressed with how dynamic and well respected the company is throughout the industry.”

He concluded, “Having the extra level of security from FireEye enables us to achieve all the benefits of a cloud- based, collaborative environment without running the risk of being compromised because of an email attack.”