Government Case Studies

Stop the advanced cyber attacks trying to compromise your agency every three minutes

Cyber attackers are people, not impersonal nations, companies, machines, or software. When they target nations and government interests, they want what people want: money, industrial secrets and personal data. And they're often backed by nation states. With tenacity and know-how, their repeated attacks eventually pay off.

Governments work with FireEye because they know a breach is virtually guaranteed. The FireEye Adaptive Defense approach helps put government staff where they will be most effective and efficient as they work to prevent and respond to breaches. It gives them a way to protect the safety, security and data of their citizenry.

It’s really a numbers game: I’ve got to be right every time but the attacker only has to be right just once. We have implemented the very best defenses but are equally well-prepared for the remote possibility of a breach."

- Michael Echols, CISO, Maricopa County, Arizona