Kubpower turns to FireEye Helix for comprehensive, accessible threat protection

As group operations manager at Kubpower, Carla DiCesare oversees many aspects of Kubpower's overall operation, including sales/service/parts, human resources, and marketing. Data security is a key concern, "Our business is expanding, and one of my priorities is to ensure that as we grow, we don’t inadvertently increase our susceptibility to cyber-based threats," she remarked.

Like any business, the IT systems at Kubpower contain large volumes of confidential information relating to employees and finances, as well as company-sensitive data and their wider dealer network details.

Coping with a data breach

The criticality of security was brought home when Kubpower experienced a data breach. "At that particular time, we didn’t have the appropriate security measures in place for the business, and we had an event where a limited amount of sensitive information was compromised," DiCesare recalled. She was extremely troubled by the occurrence and noted, "We've built a really strong reputation over the nearly four decades we’ve been in business and were very aware of the damage that a single incident could inflict on how we're perceived by our customers: it can be hard to recover when something like that goes wrong – we were lucky enough to have such supportive commercial partners."


Industrial machinery distributor turns to Helix to keep things rolling

“FireEye Helix has given us an increased confidence in how we’re running our business. We can keep growing and moving forward knowing our infrastructure protection is state of the art and constantly up to date. Helix enables us to focus on the most important thing; our business!”

- Carla DiCesare, Group Operations Manager, Kubpower

Downtime also was a major concern for DiCesare. "Our three sites are interconnected. If there’s a problem at our head office, it affects the whole company. It's important to have the right measures in place to protect us from IT disruptions; when our customers need machinery or a part, they need it immediately. If our systems are down, and we can't get an order in or access our systems, it has a major impact on our clients' productivity," she pointed out.

The FireEye Helix Security Operations Platform

Kubpower has a long-standing relationship with Adelaide-based Operational Systems (OpSys) – a managed services provider – for its network support. OpSys describes itself as 'an extended IT department,' enabling businesses to focus on their own areas of expertise. Logically DiCesare turned to OpSys for help with enhancing Kubpower's security. "The OpSys staff know what our company is about and what’s important to us, so I knew they would understand where we needed more protection," she recounted.

OpSys recommended FireEye Helix. The solution is an intelligence-led security operations platform that makes it simple to deliver advanced security to any organization. It integrates all security solutions, including FireEye's network, endpoint, and email protection, while also providing visibility into existing third-party security tools. FireEye Helix collects event data from all these tools and overlays FireEye's frontline intelligence, rules, and analytics to help organizations determine which threats present the greatest risk and how to respond.

"After I learned of the success that OpSys had implementing FireEye Helix in both much larger and smaller companies than ours, it became a no brainer for us to leverage the same approach," DiCesare shared. "It's reassuring to know that large companies – global corporations – are using this same solution to lower their risk. If they can trust FireEye, then we're comfortable to follow suit."

Reliable and Economical

The financial advantages of FireEye Helix have been significant as well. DiCesare observed, "Having the predictability of set monthly payments versus having to make a major capital expenditure all at once, is ideal for us."

The Kubpower implementation has been highly successful. "FireEye Helix has given us an increased confidence in how we’re running our business; we can keep growing and moving forward knowing our infrastructure protection is state of the art and constantly up to date," DiCesare emphasized. "Helix enables us to focus on the most important thing; our business!"

DiCesare has become much more confident about the level of protection she has deployed. She concluded, "Since Helix has been implemented it's all been smooth sailing. When I start up my computer at the beginning of each day I know that there is a world class security operations solution protecting the Kubpower infrastructure. Having FireEye Helix in place gives me great peace of mind."



Industry: Industrial and Agricultural Machinery


  • Single security solution
  • Seamless integration across all threat vectors
  • World class protection with a fixed, predictable expense

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